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Sensory Couple is the upcoming drama to be aired after Hyde, Jekyll, Me wraps up on SBS. I started the latter but dropped it after 2 episodes as I took a long break after that and by the time I was planning to pick it up, my interest had disappeared into thin air. It didn’t help that the drama gained weak reviews left and right. And I’m afraid I’m not much excited for the follow-up show as well. Sensory Couple had to work a lot to confirm a heroine as the names revolved around Suzy, Kim Ji Won and Jin Se Yeon but the final confirmation is of Shin Se Kyung. I have liked her only in film My Little Bride where she played Moon Geun Young‘s bestie but then I watched her in Fashion King, the few episodes of which I managed to see. And the impression plummeted a lot. She gives very cold and indifferent vibes to me. The male lead is Yoochun. I like Yoochun a lot but he is again playing a cop after playing a detective (Missing You) and a bodyguard (Three Days). I wish he played a character with a different profession.

Sensory Couple is based on a webtoon (this is totally the time travel/multiple personality thing of 2015) of the name The Girl Who Sees Smell. It’s about a murder called Barcode Murder Case and an accident, after which the hero loses his sister and his ability to sense anything while the heroine becomes extrasensory and also loses her memory. Yes, opposites attract! Talented Kim So Hyun will play Yoochun’s sister, and this will be her third drama with him after they worked together in Rooftop Prince and Missing You but didn’t share screen space.

Sensory Couple will be directed by the PD of Dream, Tazza and Pure Pumpkin Flower and is adapted by writer of Queen Of Ambition, Rooftop Prince, Bad Family and Successful Story Of A Bright Girl — wow! I love it when a writer pens stories of different flavours and genres. The drama will hit the airwaves in April as the Wednesday-Thursday show.