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It feels like ages since I last saw anything with Soo Ae or Joo Ji Hoon. It’s a surprise considering the fact that I liked them a lot in 9 End 2 Outs and Goong respectively. But it might not be totally startling as the shows they have done other than these are not really my thing. She did back to back melos with A Thousand Days Promise and Queen Of Ambition, while he did makjang-melo Five Fingers and then Medical Top Team, which looked like a great pill for insomnia just from the start. Anyway, I’m totally checking out their newest drama as they star together in Mask, which will air on SBS after yet-to-start The Girl Who Sees Smells (which comes after Hyde, Jekyll, Me that has its finale week next) finishes its run. An interesting titbit is that both the actors worked with Kwon Sang Woo in their last dramas.

I really wanted to see these two in a light hearted, sunny drama about romance and comedy, but alas, Mask is again a melodrama *sigh* It is about a woman who hides her past to become a rich daughter-in-law and a man who wants to protect her. Soo Ae plays the said woman, who has seen lots of hardships and thinks that love is a waste of money. But she later starts the life of wealth and richness when she ends up living as a woman who looks like her (are we having doppelgänger here?) Of course her secret revelation will play a major role in the plot as she’ll try to hide it. Joo Ji Hoon will star as a chaebol, who has never experienced love and affection (of course). He meets the heroine and actually finds out about her but remains quiet about the secret. He eventually realises that she is so different than the wealthy and opulent women he has seen and met so far. I don’t think there is anything new in the story but I think a cocktail of various makjang elements with some heart and romance can make this a watchable show. Not to mention the amazing and intense acting talent of the two leads.

Another hope comes from the writer who wrote the unexpected hit Secret and so I’m assuming we’ll be getting another twisted but addicting ride (but please no forceful kissing this time — it’s not at all equal to romantic in any dictionary!). Mask will be helmed by the PD of Heirs, Jang Ok Jung and My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho. It premieres in May.