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New Premiere: ‘Woman Of 9.9 Billion’ with Kim Kang Woo and Jo Yeo Jung

I love drama reunions and especially when I have seen the first outing together! The newly premiered KBS drama Woman Of 9.9 Billion has brought Kim Kang Woo (Item) and Jo Yeo Jung together again after they starred in 2012 TV show Lovers of Haeundae. I didn’t see that one so I’m not as excited but the plot surely sounds intriguing. Continue reading

MBC premieres supernatural thriller ‘Item’ with Joo Ji Hoon, Jin Se Yeon and Kim Kang Woo

The new MBC drama Item can make you misunderstand that it’s an OCN show, having all kinds of features present in the cable network dramas — thrills, mystery, spooky atmosphere, style. Joo Ji Hoon headlines this drama along with Jin Se Yeon and Kim Kang Woo in important roles. This will be back to back small screen appearances for Joo Ji Hoon as his pre-produced drama Kingdom just aired its first season on Netflix, with good reviews. Continue reading

Five new March premieres!

March is here and so is the new crop of dramas. This post is about shows that have already aired their first episode. We still have a lot of March premieres due to start in coming days. The below mentioned shows range from sageuk to dark supernatural thrillers to romantic comedies to weekend family fare. Without further ado, here we go!

Continue reading

Sci-fi drama ‘Circle’ premieres on tvN with Yeo Jin Goo and Kim Kang Woo

When I think of Kdramas, sci-fi sounds like a distant term as I haven’t seen many cases where the dramas have adopted this genre. The only proper example that I can think of is Joseon X-Files aka Secret Investigation Records. Yes, there have been aliens in some shows but then I would rather put them in fantasy genre than sci-fi. The upcoming tvN drama Circle definitely looks grand, experimental and something totally brand new as far as Kdramas are concerned. It is divided into two time periods — one set in present 2017 and the other in future 2037. And there is alien invasion as well! Continue reading

Revenge melodrama ‘Goodbye Mr. Black’ premieres today


It’s funny the way I’m dropping dramas left and right, especially after saying positive things about them. Case in point — Descendants Of The Sun and Come Back Ajusshi. I liked the premiere week for both with some minor complaints but in the second week, I found myself complaining a lot about the former and found my interest equal to zero to proceed. As for the latter, I was only enjoying the comedy but everything else was meh. Continue reading