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I have to say that Warm And Cozy looks very different from usual Hong Sisters trademark style of laugh-out-loud hijinks and zippy, peppy vibe. It’s more on the level of subtle and serene and calm. But I don’t mind it at all as long as I’m getting a fun-filled, soothing, warm and cozy ride, full of heart and romance. The drama is set in Jeju Island and I can’t wait to immerse myself in the beauty of the place. It’s great to see a different location for once in a drama as almost all shows are filmed in the capital city. The story basically takes its characters from the tale of lazy grasshopper and hard-working ant. Our hero, Yoo Yeon Seok plays a lazy restaurateur who has the habit of lying. He owns a restaurant in Jeju called Warm and Cozy. On the other hand, Kang So Ra plays the hard-working employee of a clothing brand but loses her job and boyfriend. She heads to Jeju to chase a swindler and there she’ll meet our hero. There will be bickering and locking horns due to clash of personalities until they finally fall in love. I don’t think there is anything new in the premise but why do I get a feeling that we don’t know everything and the cards are still hidden about the main plot. Hong Sisters surely know how to effectively subvert the expectations and assumptions. Anyway, I’m already in even if there is not more to this story itself. Beautiful couple, beautiful surroundings, strong writing — I think I can enjoy this. The supporting players consist of Lee Sung Jae as Yoo Yeon Seok’s half-brother and they have a nice relationship (hey, both were together in Gu Family Book and I remember the former torturing the latter — well, that drama was full of tragedies and tortures, ughh), Kim Seung Oh (Secret Garden) as the mayor of the town who is also the most eligible bachelor and Kpop group B1A4‘s Jin Young as an employee of the restaurant. And the icing on this casting cake is that there will be cameo by none other than So Ji Sub, who acted in writer duo’s last hit drama Master’s Sun. Another reunion is of the PD with them as he directed 2011’s Best Love, one of my all time favourite shows.

I have mixed reactions regarding the posters for Warm And Cozy. There are some which look as dull as a cupboard in a room but the ones which contain multiple shots by the leads remind me of posters of romantic Bollywood films and I like them. All in all, I can’t wait for this show to start already. The main couple looks lovely and in these spectacular surroundings, reminds of the sweet and soft singing of birds. Soothing.

Warm And Cozy premieres tomorrow on MBC as its new Wednesday-Thursday drama. I’m not expecting a rating win because Unkind Women is proving to be a tough competitor from so many weeks now, not budging from its top position whereas Girl Who Sees Smells is in its penultimate week so obviously ratings will be higher.

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