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First thing first: if you are going for Warm And Cozy for some deep, complex plot, you’ll be disappointed. But if you want to delve into a story which is warm, soothing, sweet about two people who are so different and yet so same, then this drama is for you. The tone of the show is definitely different from the usual stuff we see in dramaland. Maybe it’s due to the setting, which is in Jeju Island or it can be because the drama does not comes out of the gate with many plot points or narratives. It’s just flowing naturally, except for the first scene about twins confusion but more on that later.

What I like the most about the show is the two main characters and a positive air surrounding it. Our hero, Gun Woo (Yoo Yeon Seok) is a lazy, carefree person who is rolling in money. He only starts a restaurant in Jeju because of a girl he likes. But he is a caring person with a kind heart. He is also a man-child who is clueless about why the town folks doesn’t like him. He is a bit immature but not at all a jerk. Our heroine, Jung Joo could have been a candy for the hard work and optimism she shows but then I love that she has certain qualities that make her different from the cookie cutter drama leads. She is not hesitant to accept help from others and has this practical approach to things. She is very earnest and Kang So Ra makes her more relatable and charming. I like that in the extreme dire situations, she chooses to turn that house into something as an opportunity to improve her life. I love that the two have a natural relationship where they bicker at one moment, and then have genuine talks and fun together (like the way they went to see the sunrise — it was such a beautiful scene). I also love the misunderstanding Gun woo has about her being a terminally ill patient, which will lead to misplaced concern and funny titbits for us. I like that before even finding that out, Gun Woo still did not have any ego to recognise her. Jung Joo is already harbouring a 10 year old crush on him and I think the fantasy about him being the perfect man might crush down a bit but overall, he is a good guy who just needs to learn to take life seriously and needs some strong life lessons. Yoo Yeon Seok is adorable in this role. I think the chemistry is good.


I like that the drama is gradually letting us know its characters. I found the mayor, played brilliantly by Kim Sung Oh (his expressions are enough to give me lots of laughs), really funny. He will surely bring more humour to the drama. But the connection itself is so hilarious, a mayor being a former underwear model. Then there is the cute assistant chef Poong San (Jin Young) and hyung (Lee Sung Jae). Hyung looks like a really caring bro with a witty relationship with Gun Woo and a nice person too, the way he got impressed by Jung Joo. Lastly, the ahjumma who looks really serious and I’m assuming she’ll play an important role in future.

Now that twin part. I’m sure the leads are not twins. Their parents might have been lovers but then parted later on. Hence, that picture. I think this plot will play its role in forming the climax of the drama and I’m happy to place it on the back burner for now.

The cinematography is beautiful, even if it feels like an ad shoot for Jeju tourism. But when my eyes feel so good at the scenic beauty, why complain? I’m just worried about that Ji Won, our hero’s first love, when she’ll come to this small peaceful town. I hope she does not go down the crazy, manipulative path.

Warm And Cozy surely lacks the zaniness and hilarity that is Hong Sisters’ signature style. Still there were funny scenes here and there, even if not outright wacky. I like it for what it is and there is some bonus in the form of a cameo by So Ji Sub, reprising his role from Master’s Sun. Also the two scenes played songs from Best Love and Master’s Sun OSTs, so it was good to get the rare chance of understanding the references in dramas.

All in all, I liked it!