Back to back drama premieres for Wednesday-Thursday slot with ‘Masked Prosecutor’ and ‘Mask’


It’s raining dramas guys! Left, right, front,centre — I can only see dramas and more dramas. The task to tackle 5 shows simultaneously (to be exact, they are Warm And Cozy, The Producers, Orange Marmalade, Mask, Masked Prosecutor) looks as difficult as to grasp one’s shadow but I’ll still give it a try. Marathon in future looks more difficult as real life responsibilities won’t allow me to do so. Anyway, May is an amazing month as we are witnessing three back to back premieres for same slot on the three main networks — Warm And Cozy already started last week, today marks the premiere of Masked Prosecutor and next week arrives Mask. It’s great that all three are inordinately different in tone and subject and I can enjoy all of them without feeling too much burden.

Masked Prosecutor is basically an action-romance-comedy about a man who is an ambitious, only-cares-for-promotion type of prosecutor by the day and a masked fighter for justice by night. His day persona reminds me of Kang Ji Hwan of Incarnation Of Money, only that there he was actually that type. Joo Sang Wook is looking mighty fine in the posters and stills, except that mask, which hides his face and looks really hilarious. Kim Sun Ah plays a badass cop who is also righteous. Obviously they will have arguments until she finds out his real identity. Even if the show is going for comedy, I hope it keeps the police in decent form rather than the incompetent and foolish ones as we have recently seen in Girl Who Sees Smells. Supporting cast includes Eom Ki Joon (yay), Jun Kwang Ryul and Hwang Sun Hee. I think the show has a lot of potential for delivering goodies on all fronts — fun, action, thrills, romance and to top it all off, the cast is amazing. The drama will air on KBS and has an advantage of a hit predecessor in the form of Unkind Women.

Next week, melodrama Mask hits the airwaves on SBS (that reminds me that my cutie pies Moo Gak and Cho Rim from Girl Who Sees Smells will say goodbye this week *sobs*). I’m interested in the drama since the time it was announced solely because of the main leads, Joo Ji Hoon and Soo Ae. And also a mild interest due to the melo genre, which I haven’t touched since Nice Guy. This looked like a perfect opportunity. The premise is not original and has been used in various mediums and languages. Frankly, it looks more like those makjang weekenders or daily dramas as far as story goes. Soo Ae plays a double role where one is poor and the other is rich. The former takes up latter’s identity and thus meets a rich man, played by our hero. Yeon Jung Hoon plays against type as the villain this time and Yoo In Young rounds out the main cast. Heck, this story sounds like I Summon You, Gold! that starred Yeon Jung Hoon and Han Ji Hye. Anyway, basically all melos more or less have similar story lines, and it’s execution and acting that makes it different. The cast is solid and the writer gave surprise hit Secret.

The posters are nothing to write home about, giving the general vibe of the two dramas, but basically bland. I better prepare a drama schedule this time as I will be watching all three Wednesday-Thursday dramas!


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8 thoughts on “Back to back drama premieres for Wednesday-Thursday slot with ‘Masked Prosecutor’ and ‘Mask’

  1. Timescout

    I just watched the first ep of Masked Prosecutor and I’m not quite sure what to make of it. It was sort of a strange outing, ha. The 1st ep was mostly backstory and set up so I’ll have to give it at least one episode more to see what I really think of it. A nice surprise was No Young Hak as teenage Dae Cheol. About time the boy moved up to adult roles, he’s 22 already and looking mighty fine. ;P

    Btw. Kim Sun Ah’s char is a cop, she is the Chief at Gangnam Police Station’s Crime Division.

    I’m probably going to regret it but I am going to give Mask a spin. That cast is just too good to pass without trying. I didn’t get past the 1st ep with Scandal but I have actually been know finish some melos, depending on the makjang level. XD

    1. snow Post author

      Oh thanks for the error… 🙂
      I have yet to see the episode….(you’re lucky to understand without subs!)..Usually I don’t like elongated back stories…but can get behind if nicely done. I’ll wait for your thoughts because if it’s bad, one less drama to watch…hehe 😉
      I haven’t seen any No Young Hak drama…is he good?

      Haha….Mask looks like a total crazy makjang fest but I’m ready for it! Totally agree that this talented cast should not be missed… 🙂

      1. Timescout

        Actually, the back story is kinda needed in Masked Prosecutor’s case to understand what comes after (e.g. it explains that silly mask), so it’s good that they get it out of the way before progressing with the story proper.

        No Young Hak is part of that gaggle of former child actors who are now slowly transitioning to adult parts (he’s a ’93:er like e.g Lee Hyun Woo). His resume is rather long already, ha. Yeah, I’d say he is pretty good, better than many of the more overly hyped young ‘stars’, which is why I’d love to see him in a more prominent part already. 🙂

        Mask really has all the signs of being a crazy makjang fest and I usually avoid those like the proverbial plague, but…. that cast. Let’s see how long I can take the crazy before I call it quits. XD

  2. hariaharia

    Oh, poor us! After a small break from watching kdramas like a loony, here I am setting to 3 different dramas on the same time slot. May God have mercy on me… Anyway, the melo probably has the upper hand between the three( it’s the scriptwriter of the legendary Secret, so my hopes are high ^^). In any case kdramas almost always need both their pilot episodes to set their primeses, imho. So let’s give them some time 😉

    1. snow

      Couldn’t agree more hariaharia….a few days back I even marathoned two shows (Ho Goo’s Love and Thai version of Full House) and now…dramas, dramas, dramas. But I don’t want to miss any of them! Have you seen Producer? I have yet to start that one…did you like it?
      I didn’t watch Secret but I know it has a huge fandom and heard that it was very addictive. I hope Mask also doesn’t disappoint…let it be crazy makjang but not boring! It looks like ages since I saw Joo Ji Hoon…so mostly looking forward for him…

      1. hariaharia

        Ι did watch the first episode of Producer. Saving the rest for a triple pleasure on week-end. Along with Orange Marmalade – I got the most unexpected addition, lol. I super liked Producer; it’s filled with BTSs reality, very good acting – even IU was given an easy task and she’s not bad at it- and full of experiments in both the script and the directing. I can see why too young or too old viewers find it difficult to follow , though. Mega-wars in social media, hahaha!!!

        1. snow

          I’m glad to hear that you liked Producer because I’ve read mixed reviews about it and was hesitant to start it. I’ll first complete Girl Who Sees Smells and then move on to it.
          Yes…mega war it is! 😀 I just hope the writers won’t change the story to cater to the viewers’ choice.

          1. hariaharia

            Since the production team has already covered for all the sponsorships ( abroad and domestic) I don’t expect huge changes-at least, as far as the plot and the scenario are concerned. Micro-changes are inevitable in kdramas all the time (and we’re usually happy if they can only stick to the “-micro” ones!) 😀

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