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I admit that I was not quite happy with the first episode of Mask as more than anything, I got the depressing feeling. But the second episode was better and succeeded in making me interested in the drama which is full of shady and crazy people and arcs. I found myself becoming more and more invested in the story even if I already knew where we were going. It helped that we got certain explanations and there was less crazy and more action. The whole loan-shark trope of forcing a character to start off the plot of a drama is definitely a mothballed premise but no other reason looks better to force our heroine into this situation than this, at least by dramaland standards. MaskΒ has reached to the point which was already told beforehand β€” the poor lookalike would replace the rich woman and enter into the world of wealth and glitz. But now what? That’s my question. The preview for episode 3 shows our heroine getting all wide-eyed with her new identity and also feeling pain on watching her family, drowned in sadness as they think that Ji Sook is dead. Suk Hoon will definitely act as the one controlling her actions but I’m sure, with time, Ji Sook will start acting on her own β€” she is not someone meek or weak. Min Woo will obviously feel the change in her attitude and I can’t wait for their new interactions. I really feel bad for him, as he is surrounded by cold, selfish and evil people and he really needs someone who can care for him with heart and soul.

Dialogues as played in the video

Listen to me very carefully.

Your name is no longer Byun Ji Sook.
It’s now Seo Eun Ha.

Where are we?
Your house.

My house?

You are going to marry her?
The woman you almost killed?

It won’t take too long.

What are you doing?

I apologize, Ms. Seo Eun Ha.
Don’t think anymore.
From now on, I do the thinking for you.

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