Mask Episode 3 Preview


I admit that I was not quite happy with the first episode of Mask as more than anything, I got the depressing feeling. But the second episode was better and succeeded in making me interested in the drama which is full of shady and crazy people and arcs. I found myself becoming more and more invested in the story even if I already knew where we were going. It helped that we got certain explanations and there was less crazy and more action. The whole loan-shark trope of forcing a character to start off the plot of a drama is definitely a mothballed premise but no other reason looks better to force our heroine into this situation than this, at least by dramaland standards. MaskΒ has reached to the point which was already told beforehand β€” the poor lookalike would replace the rich woman and enter into the world of wealth and glitz. But now what? That’s my question. The preview for episode 3 shows our heroine getting all wide-eyed with her new identity and also feeling pain on watching her family, drowned in sadness as they think that Ji Sook is dead. Suk Hoon will definitely act as the one controlling her actions but I’m sure, with time, Ji Sook will start acting on her own β€” she is not someone meek or weak. Min Woo will obviously feel the change in her attitude and I can’t wait for their new interactions. I really feel bad for him, as he is surrounded by cold, selfish and evil people and he really needs someone who can care for him with heart and soul.

Dialogues as played in the video

Listen to me very carefully.

Your name is no longer Byun Ji Sook.
It’s now Seo Eun Ha.

Where are we?
Your house.

My house?

You are going to marry her?
The woman you almost killed?

It won’t take too long.

What are you doing?

I apologize, Ms. Seo Eun Ha.
Don’t think anymore.
From now on, I do the thinking for you.

(Credit to the uploader)

13 thoughts on “Mask Episode 3 Preview

  1. Blue

    Thanks for the preview snow!! The drama started quite dark, indeed, but I’m so impatient to see what will happen once she enters Min-Woo’s life. I also feel bad for him but she will protect him once she starts figuring out what his family is trying to do to him…or them. After all, they put something in Eun-Ha’s wine so they’re out to get her too.

    So true that she’s not meek or weak. She seems to be a dreamer, sweet and fun, but she’s also brutally honest. And apparently she “fought boys” in high school or university…?? LOL!

    1. snow Post author

      Hahaha…it seems like she did keep her own in school days as well…wouldn’t it be fun if she plays a detective role in solving the mystery of who is trying to make our hero crazy and why? Hehe πŸ™‚

      I never paid attention to the fact that someone might have put something in Eun ha’s wine…but why? She was already planning to work with Suk Hoon…ugh…so many questions bothering us…but of course in a good way πŸ™‚

      1. Timescout

        Oh, I didn’t spot the wine drugging myself until someone in some re-cap thread pointed it out with caps. I guess I was too busy laughing at all the crazy. πŸ™‚

        It looks like someone (or maybe several someones) in the house don’t wan Min Woo and Eun Ha’s marriage to go through. They tried to kill EH and blame it on MW but unfortunately for them, she didn’t die stright away and I guess they are going to be mightily miffed when ‘she’ wakes up.

        Now, let’s see if the drama can still keep me amused enough to continue watching. I’ve decided to give it a good, old school try and stick with it at least till ep 6. XD

        1. snow Post author

          Hahahah@caps πŸ˜€
          Thanks Timescout for lifting up my spirit after ep 1….when I watched the show with new lens, even I was laughing at all the over-the-top-ness of everything….;) I hope they themselves want to poke fun at makjang stuff and do some wink-and-act thing..

          I hope she wakes up….that would be so much waste if they simply crafted a character for only 1 episode…

          1. brightsept

            About someone who put something in Eun ha’s wine, my guess is the sister. She knows that her husband has an affair with Eun Ha and having Eun Ha to be at the same house with her and her husband just stressing her out. She doesnt like it because she actually loves her husband. So that’s my guess.

            Anyway, hello snow! Greetings from me πŸ™‚

          2. snow Post author

            Hey brightsept! Welcome to the blog….thanks for dropping by πŸ™‚

            Yes…you might be right about her…but then it’s too obvious and drama wants us to believe that…so maybe she is innocent…but she definitely has a solid reason to do the deed πŸ™‚

          3. Blue

            @ Brightstep, more than “having an affair”, they probably were a couple before those two even got married and decided to exploit this family. He marries the daughter, she marries the son. Why do I think so? How come Seok-Hoon wants her to marry Min-Woo so bad? He stated this is an IMPORTANT marriage. Men don’t even want to share their mistresses, something just doesn’t add up. I think those two have a history. Eun-Ha looked at him as if that was the man of her life all the time.

            And Seok-Hoon may have killed Eun-Ha as well LOL! His wife looks like the culprit but a part of me thinks this is too easy, I wouldn’t be surprised if that was done to mislead us. Maybe since he’s too power hungry he saw that she was backtracking, she told him about the doppelganger she met, nobody else knew she could be replaced. Maybe that gave him ideas to follow their plan.

            Too much craziness, anything is possible.

          4. snow Post author

            Yes….Suk Hoon could have killed Eun Ha but I wonder if he would go this far! He was looking quite sad when her body was thrown down the cliff. I don’t know….

          5. Blue

            Yes I know. He did look sad. Maybe I’m suspecting the wrong one, I can’t wait for the next episodes ^^

          6. snow Post author

            LOL…you’re so cute Blue πŸ˜€
            Yes…thanks for this reminder because I’ve not seen ep 3 yet…can’t wait to read your comment after that πŸ˜‰

  2. brightsept

    Wow blue that’s a lot of analysis you gave! hahaha thank you for sharing it with me! Now I really cant wait for next week! Even though I kinda feel ep 4 is a little bit slow, but I still cant wait for next week! hehe

    1. snow Post author

      Yes…ep 4 was a bit slow in the beginning but things went on pretty fast in the next half…Blue is an expert of theories πŸ˜›


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