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I already have too many irons in the fire, what with watching 4 dramas right now and I’m already planning to take more on my plate. What can I do when dramaland is offering so many attractive shows, all at the same time? It feels like ages ago when I was watching only Girl Who Sees Smells and now I’m continuously adding more and more to my list. I was already mildly interested in upcoming SBS drama High Society, which was previously titled Chaebol’s Daughter, then became generic True Romance and now have finally adopted a sophisticated moniker. I liked the cast and the set-up — which is pretty straight forward and nothing new, but I was in a mood to watch something cute. But the show is doing a great job in jazzing up the anticipation with its promotional material. First it released a teaser where leads UEE and Sung Joon showed off their hot chemistry right off the bat and then came the sophisticated poster featuring four leads — including Park Hyung Shik and Im Ji Yeon — holding champagne and looking fashionable and stylishly suave. One more thing that gives brownie points to the show is that there will be two sets of pairings. Yay! This is always a great thing in my book.

Let’s rewind the plot — UEE stars as a rich heiress who wants to search a guy who will love her for who she is, rather than her money. For this quest for true love, she disguises as a poor girl, working in a departmental store. She becomes friends with Im Ji Yeon and meets Sung Joon, who is a jaded individual, unhappy that he is not rich. He has seen the sufferings of his parents due to weak economic conditions and thus wants to do only those things that will bring him profit. I like this conflict already and also the role reversal of rich woman, poor man. Park Hyung Shik plays the rich guy who is friends with Sung Joon’s character.

Coming on to the posters, I love them! The one with everyone from the cast making a variety of expressions…it’s cute and fresh. Plus, we have multiple poses for the couples as well! Also the one with each lead — it’s colourful and catchy…yes, the lines don’t make much sense (and looks silly to be honest) but still they look good. Lastly, the one where everyone is holding champagne. I have to say, the drama is doing a great job in marketing itself as it very well knows that it can’t rely on plot alone. Or the star cast. Additionally, it’s great to see Im Ji Yeon in a girl-next-door and cute persona, which is as different from her daring and bold turn in Obsession as salt and sugar.

High Society starts from 8 June, following ratings winner Heard It Through The Grapevine on SBS as the new Monday-Tuesday drama.

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