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New Korean Dramas: August 2020

August brings another bundle of Korean dramas and it is a huge bundle! Good thing is a lot of genres have been covered — romance, comedy, drama, music, sci-fi, thriller, horror. You name it, August dramas have got it. Confused to keep track of all these new premieres? Well, here is the list with enough details to make up your mind on what to keep and what to skip! Continue reading

Joo Won and Oh Yeon Seo in drama version of super popular film ‘My Sassy Girl’

I think the first thing I heard about K-entertainment was the movie My Sassy Girl. It was super popular (still is) and many of my non-kdrama-lover friends have at least heard about it. It was released in 2001 and stars Cha Tae Hyun and Jeon Ji Hyun in the lead roles. Its basic plot never made me excited to watch it and hence, I’ve still not seen the film. 2017 is bringing a small screen version of My Sassy Girl with same title Continue reading

Preview for Yong-pal Episode 3


It’s always great to look forward a drama, especially these days when I drop more shows than I complete. Of course all the blame can’t be put on dramas as my real life has been busier than before and hence it leads me to watch only the things I really want to, unlike before when I had this unsaid rule of finishing the whole journey of a drama, however tiring it might be. Yong-pal had a solid start last week for SBS, bringing huge Continue reading

First Impressions for ‘Yong-pal’: So much fun!


Wow. Yong-pal, the new kid on the block over at SBS, had a great start out of the gate — not only making me happy across the board but also bringing in highest ratings for a premiere episode this year, netting 11.2%. It has just the right amount of ingredients for fun and thrills, but with an added factor of keeping your disbelief suspended. Continue reading

‘Yong-Pal’ is ready to arrive this Wednesday on SBS


Yong-pal has turned out to be the case where my interest grew gradually from the time the drama was announced to the time it is finally arriving on our screens this week. The medical drama stars Joo Won as the titular character who is a genius surgeon but in order to earn more and more money for his sick sister’s medical treatment, he visits Continue reading