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It’s clear as crystal that the main highlight of newest KBS drama Assembly is the first time small screen acting appearance of leading man Jung Jae Young (Plan Man), who has only starred in films till date. Of course the rest of the cast is powerhouse as well, with only Taecyeon (of idol group 2PM and acted in shows like Dream High and Who Are You) as the one I think is not as impressive as the rest. The drama is a journey of a man from being a welder in a shipyard to a member of National Assembly. The other cast members are Song Yoon Ah (Mama), Jang Hyun Sung (Heard It Through the Grapevine), Park Young Kyu (Protect The Boss) and Kim Seo Hyung (A New Leaf), all playing different players of the political field. I’m actually not very keen on watching political dramas in general but with a strong direction, writing and acting, I end up enjoying them and have seen many movies of the genre but haven’t seen any Kdrama based on political arena. Interesting thing about Assembly is that the writer of this show has a lot of experience of working in the field as he himself worked in National Assembly, and he has also penned similar shows previously — President and historical Jeong Do Jeon.

Assembly is premiering today and from the posters and stills, it looks like an uplifting tale of a man with idealistic views and his struggle against those who have selfish and corrupt motives. One of the posters caught my attention — it shows our hero in his new position sitting back to back with his older self. The drama is scheduled for the Wednesday-Thursday slot and is following Masked Prosecutor, which did not do well rating-wise, critically or among international fans.

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