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Yes, yes, yes! Finally my girl is back!

In my first impressions post, I mentioned that my biggest concern is that Soon Ae would be trapped inside Bong Soon for longer than necessary and then we would not get to see Bong Soon and her character and life. Not to mention, the drama would then pitch the main pair as Sun Woo and Soon Ae, which was not I signed up for. So it’s a HUGE sigh of relief that finally we got our girl back! I don’t know how, maybe when the body is weak and sick, the spirit can interchange. Well, I guess we’ll see the rules moving forward.

Oh My Ghostess is proving to be a wonderful ride so far, encompassing lots of hilarity, mystery and emotions. So what happened in episodes 3 and 4. Well Soon Ae starts enjoying being in Bong Sun’s body — she gets to meet her father on a regular basis, she meets her crush Sung Jae, she gets to cook and also a place to live in. And lastly, a man with vitality that can help her get rid of her grudge regarding her virginity, which is our chef Sun Woo.

I loved the whole sequence between Soon Ae and Sun Woo. The way she negotiated with him to hide his secret of stealing car keys of the cheap colleague of his friend-cum-first-love So Hyung in return for letting her live in the restaurant. Plus, when she went after him continuously to let her sleep with him just once. I do felt angry towards Soon Ae as she never considered the ramifications of her actions with respect to Bong Sun. Now that Bong Sun is back, I’m hoping to see some bonding between the two girls and also Soon Ae to learn that latter is a human. Not that she is carelessly selfish — aside from her past life as human, even now she is caring and understanding. Just cheeky — and I love her for that and I love, love, love Park Bo Young‘s AHMAZING comic timing! And wow, this girl can kiss so perfectly — that kiss was HOT and totally unexpected. I can’t wait to see how everything turns out now that Bong Sun is back and Sun Woo will see a 180 degree personality change — again. Ha. And I’m so looking forward to development of this fresh dynamics between the lead pair for any drama.


The mystery behind Soon Ae’s death is most probably connected with Sung Jae. I can’t say if he is a good or bad person but it’s clear that his relationship with his wife is not the happy-blissful type. There is some problem there for sure. I also liked that Soon Ae learned about him being married instead of being in dark about it.

I loved the scenes of bromance between Sun Woo and Min Soo. So Cute. And again it’s proved that Sun Woo is not the typical jerk and cold person and is actually very considerate. And I LOVE Jo Jung Suk‘s expressions. It also feels that he is actually trying to suppress his laugh in certain scenes. He is adorable!

Lastly, I like how the all the characters are bounded by the common thread of being lonely — chef, Bong Sun, Soon Ae or even Sung Jae. I want them all to be happy and be with loved ones to have a complete life full of compassion and love.

Friday! Come soon!