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There is so much dichotomy regarding my feelings towards Oh My Ghostess. On one side, I’m loving its low-key, funny, enigmatic approach with respect to its various characters and plots. On the other hand, I’m so much sad about not giving any chance to poor Bong Sun to develop her relationship with our hero Sun Woo. I think I might have to change my lens going forward as far as what I want as my main couple. It looks more and more like it’s a love story between Sun Woo and ghost Soon Ae, which is evident from the title as well. I would have rooted for them but there should be fair treatment for her and Bong Sun. I agree that she was in dire need of her body as her father collapsed. But when he recovered, she should have left her alone and waited for her permission. She is just enjoying her body and that life, without even caring for an innocent girl’s life. I feel sad that it’s Soon Ae who gets to see the softer side of Sun Woo or gets to hear his emotional past instead of Bong Sun. I really shouted in delight when finally, Bong Sun came back in that last scene and it was her who will go on a date with Sun Woo. Yay! Even if the show wants to break my heart, I would want Bong Sun to end up with Joon. I want the show to really make it clear for whom we should look forward to as the main couple. And not just keep on letting Soon Ae possess Bong Sun’s body just because she has more cheerful personality and provides the funniest scenes in the drama. I don’t care if Bong Sun is timid or dull, she should get some space to improve and grow.

Moving on, I was really pleased with the whole arc of Sun Woo and his school mates. It was an important learning lesson about not keeping grudges, even if small and petty, and let go of the past. People learn and improve and change. Especially, one related to school life. People are so immature and small during that time. One can’t judge their whole life and future based on that period. It was heartwarming to see Sun Woo realising his mistake and then making up for it.

As for Sung Jae, it’s looking more and more clear like a mountain stream that he is the one responsible for Soon Ae’s death. He even had her mobile phone, which my detective-stories-lover mind tells would be useful later on when his true face would be discovered. But then is it really his true self? Is he possessed? I’m sure chills ran down my spine when the shaman told that he doesn’t look like the same person while looking at his pictures. Oooh.

On a fangirling note, I love that dream sequence. That whole segment and kiss was HOT! Jo Jung Suk and Park Bo Young have some mad chemistry.