Kim Hee Ae is ‘Mrs. Cop’ for new SBS drama


Kim Hee Ae is an actress I really want to watch in something but all her dramas are not my cup of tea — the recent ones like A Wife’s Credentials or Secret Love Affair. Yay that now I’ll be finally seeing her act as her upcoming drama Mrs. Cop seems to be ticking all boxes I want in a drama with central theme of police investigation. For starters, it has a female as its central character. Then the cast also looks pretty good with costars including Kim Min Jong (A Gentleman’s Dignity), Lee Da Hee (I Hear Your Voice), Sohn Ho Joon (Answer Me 1994) and Shin So Yool (Answer Me 1997). The drama stars Kim Hee Ae as the titular detective, the team leader in the violent crimes unit. Kim Min Jong plays her senior and the detective squad is rounded out by Lee Da Hee, Sohn Ho Joon (these two will have a love line) and kpop group BEAST’Lee Ki Kwang. Shin So Yool will play our heroine’s younger sister who is preparing for civil service exam. Kim Hee Ae’s character will also have a daughter. I know the story is pretty generic with episodic nature of narrative. But the cast and comparatively lighter touch (the amusing title and network tells me so) makes me want to watch it. It’s also up in the air as to what is the basic genre of the drama — hardcore action and seriousness or comedy-action. Mrs. Cop will be anchored by the PD of You’re All Surrounded, Incarnation Of Money and History Of The Salaryman — another point for raising my excitement. And judging from the PD’s past works, it looks like Mrs. Cop will be a cocktail of comedy, fast pace, action and emotions. It will also be refreshing to see Kim Hee Ae in a comedy.

Mrs. Cop hits the airwaves on 3 August as it follows High Society on SBS, thus making it a Monday-Tuesday drama. Check out lots of pictures, consisting of script reading and stills from the drama.

mc7 mc8



mc1 mc2

7 thoughts on “Kim Hee Ae is ‘Mrs. Cop’ for new SBS drama

  1. Timescout

    How did this slip past me? It totally looks like something I’d like, especially as it has Kim Hee Ae who is maybe my fave korean actresses. Kim Min Jong is a bonus. As you’ve probably noticed, cop shows and procedurals are sort of my bread and butter and I do tend to watch tons of them. 🙂

    Koreans have yet to master properly mixing serious and fun in their action-y shows and not make it an unholy mess. Japan generally does this much better but then it’s the procedural central over there, ha.

    1. snow Post author

      Haha….yes…you do love your cop shows and procedurals 🙂
      K-dramas either become too serious or end up making shows where cops are plain stupid and logic goes out of the window. I hope Mrs Cop is good, if not great. I haven’t seen any J-procedural drama yet. Heck I have seen only one J-drama to date..heh 😉

      1. Timescout

        I’ve been watching a string of jdramas lately as they seem to appeal to me much more than most of what Korea has to offer these days. 🙂 They tend to be more down to earth which feels great after all that makjang and odd badly done genre mishmash we’ve been getting in recent years. There are several quite nice ones out there, so have a peek. ^^

  2. differentaccent

    Kim Hee Ae looks amazing !
    Can’t wait for this.
    I seems like all the dramas that I follow live (watch raw/subbed the next morning), turn out to have Monday-Tuesday slots.
    What I brilliant strategy by my subconscious to get me excited for Monday 😛 😛 😛

    1. snow Post author

      Hahaha….I should also follow all Mon-Tue dramas from now on…that can surely prove to be a great reason to look forward to Mondays… 🙂
      My drama slots are a mixed bag right now…covering all days! Kim Hee Ae looks fantastic as always and can’t wait to see her in this less-serious role… 🙂

      1. differentaccent

        When I first started, I actually started wishing for Monday even before Friday ended 😛

        I’m drama free at the moment because exams but I can always make time for Kim Hee Ae. I absolutely loved her in Secret Love Affair.
        It actually took me a while to recognize her in pictures with the kid, she looked really happy.


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