Park Hae Jin finally gets a costar as Kim Go Eun confirms webtoon adaptation ‘Cheese in the Trap’

phj kge

The rate at which webtoons are being adapted into dramas these days, the time is not far when the phrase ‘a dime, a dozen’ will be used for them. The very popular and loved webtoon Cheese In The Trap is the latest to join the list as tvN is bringing a drama of the same name based on it, and had a hard time in locking down a female lead opposite long confirmed Park Hae Jin (You From Another Star, Doctor Stranger). The casting roulette went through many names, most notably Suzy (which garnered huge cries of ‘noooo’ from netizens) with finally confirming movie actress Kim Go Eun. I haven’t seen any of her works, obviously, but her name makes me excited because I have read lots of good things about her. She has won legion of awards for her film A Muse, which was also her début work opposite Park Hae Il. Her latest movies include already released Coin Locker Girl and upcoming Memories of the Sword. This will be her first foray into dramaland.

After I read the synopsis of the webtoon, the first thing that made me smile from ear to ear was the fact that it will be based on college life. Or at least. the main leads are university students with the hero being the senior to the heroine. It is a slice of life tale with simplicity at its core. So basically my kind of thing! Hence, I was not happy with Suzy’s casting as I like her but these type of shows depend on the acting prowess of its actors and we all know she is no expert in this. So there is a big sigh of relief from my side as far as final cast is concerned. Another great thing is that Cheese In The Trap will be helmed by the director of shows like Coffee Prince, Heart To Heart and Triple — all very indie-like, breezy and heartfelt in treatment. It will start airing from October on tvN.

8 thoughts on “Park Hae Jin finally gets a costar as Kim Go Eun confirms webtoon adaptation ‘Cheese in the Trap’

  1. hayleighm20

    I’ve never really heard of this before, but when you mentioned the director, I was like ‘I’m in!!’ haha ^^” Also, you are so right, webtoon turned dramas seems to be a huge trend at the moment.

    1. snow Post author

      I know right! Everywhere you see, it’s more and more webtoon adaptations. Well, I’m okay with it as far as the final product is good, something like Misaeng 🙂
      Yes….the PD here is a big draw for me too 🙂

    1. snow Post author

      Hahaha…yeah…he is bit mature for a college student but I think with some proper hairdo, he can look like it. At least, it’s not high school… 😉

  2. brightsept

    I finally watched kim go eun’s acting in coin locker girl! And she’s good. So Im happy that she will finally make her debut in tv dramas. One thing that I regret though, I already read the webtoon…. so I dont know if I can enjoy the drama or not, hope they didnt do much change, please dont be like orange marmalade.. anyway hope park hae jin & kim go eun nail it

    1. snow Post author

      Oh thanks for hearing that! Now I can look forward to her work with more confidence..
      So you’ve already read the webtoon! I hope the drama makes differences enough to not make the readers feel bored. But then it should stay true to the soul and feel of the webtton, so that the readers don’t get angry. LOL.

      Hahaha@Orange Marmalade….that’s one very peculiar case 😀


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