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The main thing which is revolving in every body’s mind after watching this week’s episodes of Oh My Ghostess is of course the mystery behind Soon Ae’s sudden coming out of Bong Sun’s body. But I’ll talk about that later. Let’s dissect other things first!

I’m on cloud nine with the fact that the whole episode 7 was dedicated to my couple — Bong Sun and Sun Woo. They spent some quality time and scenes together. I loved, loved, loved when he said that he likes her today so much, when she is not having any over-the-top urge or timidness. I also liked that she was herself and we got to see more of her nature — she is a shy girl, no doubt about it — but that doesn’t mean that she can’t have desires, or brains, or instincts. It also helped in understanding her sudden desperation for wanting Sun Woo. Earlier she was just happy and contended to see him and crush on him from afar. But then when she spends time with him and sees his adoration and care, she realises that being with him or having a relationship/ future with him is not as impossible as holding the wind with a net. Hence, she gives consent to Soon Ae to take her body.

I’m supremely happy that finally Soon Ae possessed Bong Sun’s body with her permission. It looked so unfair all this while when Bong Sun didn’t even know when she was losing control of her own body but now that she wants her to possess it, it’s okay with me too. I do see one flaw in this. Even if Soon Ae succeeds in winning Sun Woo’s love or body, it will not be Bong Sun’s mind or heart that will witness or feel the romantic or emotional moments with him. It will be Soon Ae who will experience all this even if it’s her body. I do think it was a rash decision on Bong Sun’s part. Maybe she doesn’t even know that Soon Ae wants to have sex with Sun Woo. But yeah, that kiss with So Hyung gave the final push.

I enjoyed all the picnic hijinks. Sun Woo getting jealous and then smiling from ear to ear when Bong Sun/Soon Ae praises him. I’m surprisingly not bothered by second lead’s meddling this time as she hasn’t gone over-the-top crazy or manipulative yet. Sung Jae looks more and more like an emotionless person. Just look at his expressions when he made that scratch on his wife’s friend’s car, or when he killed/ made his colleague unconscious. It is scarier than showing some evil smile or expressions. I’m sure he is some evil spirit. The stakes also became high as we saw that now the evil spirit is coming forth gradually in Soon Ae and that makes it all the more crucial for her to overcome her grudge very soon.

I’m still not very sure who Sun Woo has fallen for. It’s true that Soon Ae triggered his closeness with Bong Sun but it’s also true that he already had a soft spot for her, the way he scolded her for being so timid. Then he looked very happy when it was Bong Sun herself. And it is also noteworthy that he becomes more affectionate when she is a bit shy (maybe that’s my imagination running…LOL). So in that last scene (it was so hot that my screen melted!), he couldn’t control and finally kissed her. But how come Soon Ae came out? By her own wish? Or was she forced? Has she fallen for Sun Woo (I hope not!)? Has something clicked in her memory? So many questions….