Preview for ‘Oh My Ghostess’ Episode 9


Oh My Ghostess is turning out to be such a delightful watch for me. And what makes it all the more awesome is the fact that it’s laced with fabulous actors and chemistry. I can’t get enough of Jo Jung Suk’s expressions that go through a wide range while Park Bo Young is such a cute actress, with so much confidence in her acting. This pair definitely rocks. As for the characters, you all know I want Sun Woo and Bong Sun to be the end game. And now the preview for episode 9 is finally out. It looks like he has fully accepted and confessed his love but Soon Ae is confused. It clearly means one thing in dramaverse β€” she is in love! I still think the show should give more time for Bong Sun’s arc and development of relationship. But there is no denying that Soon Ae is fun. Anyway, I hope that whatever path the drama takes, it will be satisfactory for everyone. The next episode surely looks like chock full of fun, romance, cuteness and comedy.


(credit to the uploader)

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