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I was quite busy this past week and hence was unable to post my thoughts on the latest episodes. It must come as a surprise because last week was what I was waiting for from the start — relationship between Bong Sun and Sun Woo and who does he like. I think Oh My Ghostess has done a good job in explaining why he chose Bong Sun in the end. I would have loved to see him conflicted and confused for longer than was shown. But I really loved how he acknowledged that he did fall for Soon Ae because we all know how he got closer to her and there was always this mix of personalities that drew him in. Of course, he always liked it better when Bong Sun’s persona was dominating but we cannot deny that he did find Soon Ae cute and adorable. Anyway, it’s good to hear that he always liked Bong Sun and that attachment through blog was also nicely done to tie things up. I’m happy to see a new confidence developing in Bong Sun and it has a lot to do with her connection with Soon Ae. Similarly, it was great to see Soon Ae becoming more subtle like Bong Sun. Both the girls have influenced each other but I’ll have this complaint that the drama didn’t do full justice to Bong Sun as a character because it never gave her much attention and time. Anyway, I’m full of joys of the spring after my OTP got together as I was a bundle of nerves since the time Bong Sun confessed the truth. As for Sung Jae, we got lots of development and I’m always a happy camper when our protagonists team up to fight against bad guys. So yay for Sun Woo-Bong Sun-Soon Ae-Shaman team. That last scene was really chilling when Sung Jae recognises and sees Soon Ae. The preview for penultimate episode 15 is out and looks like we’ll be seeing a lot of Sung Jae. Hopefully, the last episode will be kept for more romance and cute as I can’t get enough of this beautiful couple. I think their relationship has just started and they don’t really know each other that well. So I want to see that happening. By the way, a cherry on top — Seo In Guk is appearing in a cameo in the final episode. Yay.

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