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Bubblegum is the new tvN drama which I’m extremely excited about. The main reason is of course the cast — I love, love, love Jung Ryeo Won and Lee Jong Hyuk. My love with the two comes from King Of Dramas and Dating Agency Cyrano respectively. Their follow-up shows were Medical Top Team and Flower Of The Queen, which I never watched as the cake was not worth the candle in those cases. For a few seconds, I had a face like a wet weekend as she is the main  lead and he plays second lead and I wanted them to pair up against each other but then, I’m just happy that they are starring in something I can get enthusiastic about.

Bubblegum stars Lee Dong Wook in the lead role and although I’m not a fan, I do have a general liking for him as I really liked him and his drama My Girl, the only one that I’ve seen to date (I do have Scent Of A Woman in my ever-growing plan list). He plays a doctor of Eastern Medicine and Jung Ryeo Won plays a radio PD. Lee Jong Hyuk stars as chief in the radio news department while Park Hee Bon (Master’s Sun) as a rich heiress as well as a dentist. The drama will be about people who have deficiencies (which I think means they have flaws) and who become happier when they come together. Sounds like an upbeat tale to me.

The icing on the cake is the fact that Bubblegum will be directed by the PD of Queen In Hyun’s Man, Nine and Three Musketeers — all quality material with abundance of smartness, style and story. The writer is new to dramaland but she has written radio show Music City and so that ties well with the drama’s set-up of a radio broadcasting station. I have this great proclivity towards serials and movies based in a radio station. Plus, it’s tvN! My favourite network.

Bubblegum is slated for Monday-Tuesday time spot and will start in October. The cast held script reading a few days back and I’m happy to see them all in a cheerful mood. Lee Jong Hyuk looks especially hot (can someone look so hot while reading their script!).

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