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First of all, I want to take my words back a bit. I think Nora’s husband is really worse than I thought. After 6 episodes, I think I know him better now. It’s true that he wanted divorce to come out of a marriage where he was not happy. But he is a selfish person who lived with her all these years so that she can support his household and raise their son. All these years, he treated her like nothing. And then he fell for this other woman and thus took the decision to leave his wife when everything in his life was settled. He became successful, got a girl who he thinks matched his so-called intellect and his son is old enough. I do give him some good points when he took responsibility 20 years ago when Nora got pregnant and so he married her. But his treatment — it’s unacceptable.

From what we heard, he even stopped talking to her and I’m sure he never respected her much. He never even tried to do something for her personal growth and although on the surface, he acts all good and all, being decent in his behaviour, it’s true that he made Nora very lonely all these years. I think Nora changed from a sassy, artistic girl to a quiet, meek woman because of the circumstances she was in. She went abroad and had to be a mother at a small age, so she couldn’t pay attention to herself. There was no encouragement from the husband to continue her studies and she barely had any social life.

And because of all this, it is such a satisfying thing to watch her grow step by step and return to her awesome self and gain confidence. This week was all about revelations and I’m so glad that the drama brought all secrets out in the open. Now no one is under dark regarding anything. Nora’s husband and son know that she is attending the college (throughout this segment, my reaction was “Yes!”). It was pleasing to watch her ignore their requests/orders/emotional blackmailing that she should quit. I was cheering her all the way as she said that she is not doing anything wrong and that she would continue her college.


The next cat to come out of the bag was Nora’s knowledge about her husband’s affair. It was a heartening scene when she cries with her bestie Yoon Young regarding her past and present married life. I think it is really necessary for Nora to come of the trance that she can save her marriage. And also to realise that divorce is not the end of everything in life. She can have her own happiness.

Lastly, Hyun Suk finally knowing that Nora is not suffering from any terminal illness. I simply loved how Lee Sang Yoon reacted in that scene, with infinite emotions coming all at once. I’m super happy that now that all misunderstandings have gone, there is room for a fresh path forward for these two. I’m so excited how things will turn out now as Mr. Grumpy has already shown his softer side (even though due to a misbelief).


The whole scene of the four of our characters — Nora, Hyun Suk, Yoon Young and Dong Chul — when they hang out together wearing school uniforms, it was all sorts of adorable and nostalgic. It was great to see them having the time of their lives and reminiscing good old days. It was also a great way to remind everyone how cheerful and playful Nora was and in fact, she still is. That part of her just got deflated as no one really cared how she felt or how her real self is, beyond the basic necessary duties as a family. (I must add, Lee Sang Yoon looked cute as a kitten in the school uniform).

I’m loving Hyun Suk more and more. It’s such a lovely thing to prepare each and everything, however small, solely for making someone happy. Because those things are so big for that person. I want Twenty Again to up the romance now.

I;m really annoyed with Nora’s son and his romance with Hye Mi is such a boring thing to watch. They just eat up the time which can be used for more Soon Nam or even Park Seung Hyun, who I’m starting to like a lot. She is soon becoming our Nora’s good friend on the campus.