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Twenty Again hit the airwaves three weeks ago but I only marathoned all 4 episodes just yesterday. The feeling I got after watching the drama is surely akin to trying out a new dish. You start with a bit of enthusiasm and then you are not sure if you like the taste. As you try more and more, the dish becomes more comforting and delicious. Same way, Twenty Again is getting better and better with each episode and now I’m bright-eyed and bushy-tailed to see what happens next.

I like the upbeat nature of the show. We started with some lows as we see our lead Nora (Choi Ji Woo) struggling through divorce. She must have felt totally shattered as all these years, she has thought of nothing else but her husband and son. And so it didn’t irritate me that her first reason for starting her college education was that she wanted to match her education level with her husband. And I don’t think her husband Woo Chul (Choi Won Young) is totally terrible as a character. I can see where his idea of not wasting time in a happiness-less marriage is coming from. But as a responsible man, he should have considered the fact that his wife supported him all these years and what will happen to her when he’ll leave her at this stage. I do find him a bit weird, the way he talks to her as if she is some stranger and not the woman he spent past 20 years with. I wonder since when is he having an affair. Was that responsible for him selecting divorce as his ultimate decision for his marriage? He also makes me laugh at times due to his somewhat eccentric nature.


Let’s get the initial issue, I had, out of the way first. It was not exactly clear when Nora decided to hide her plans of studying from her family. Yes, there was a talk where they were not happy about it but I don’t remember her thinking about hiding it.

I loved that the final decision to enrol in college was not made for saving her marriage but for herself. The scene where she gets inspired (when a group of dancers put a showcase) was a delight to watch. The misunderstanding about her health was also a necessary device to give a final push. Granted that this led to see Nora in a sad and miserable state but it also helped in her understanding that she should do things she always wanted to without thinking about the past or the future. It’s today that matters.

I’m really excited to see how she becomes friends with everyone in college and for that gratification, it’s important that we start from rough grounds. I simply loved the scene where she stands up against that cheapo professor. That portion showed how things can look so different from a 20-something’s perspective.


Cha Hyun Suk (Lee Sang Yoon) was initially a jerk but more on an immature side. I wonder why he is so jaded because she left — is it only because she was his first love? I love how he acts all cool and I-don’t-care but then he totally cares and is so much curious about her. That shifted misunderstanding is totally awesome as it gives way to a lot more hilarity and his concern. I like that Nora finally learned the truth about her health and now there will be straight forward motivation for her to live her life to the fullest.

And I LOVE Soon Nam! His initial annoyance when she becomes his partner and then his reluctance and indifference slowly melting away — how cute and great was his little speech in support of Nora! I can’t wait for him to realise that she is the dancer they are searching for and finally become good friends with her.


Coming onto her son. Well, it’s pretty unbelievable how he acts towards Nora. I mean, yes, there are children who may feel embarrassed or angry but he is in this state constantly. He has never ever shown any softness or care towards her. What kind of men are there in this family? On a side note, he looks so much like Song Joong Ki!

I also love how the show gives us glimpses of Nora’s past when she was this spunky, brave girl and how her friendship with Yoon Young started on a wrong foot but blossomed into being best pals.

Twenty Again is doing a great job in painting a university setting. From the time of admissions, to the whole campus, filling of subjects and classes, seniors, whatsapp groups, library — everything is giving me a college feel to the T. The music is good too.

I like the overarching theme that there is no age to start living your dreams and fulfil them. Also that one should live in the present as if there is no tomorrow.

Also, Lee Sang Yoon’s dimples. Enough said 😉