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I like this latest drama news! Moon Chae Won and Lee Jin Wook have been confirmed to play main leads in upcoming SBS drama Goodbye Mr. Black which is based on a manhwa that itself is based on the classic story of  The Count of Monte Cristo. The show has also added Song Jae Rim in a supporting role. This will be a revenge melodrama and the story is about a man who gets betrayed by his best friend and thus he plans to take revenge. In his quest, he takes help from a girl while they fake their marriage. The show further tells how he starts changing on meeting her — from a person full of thirst for revenge to someone who can trust and love.

The original manhwa was written in the 80s and was set in England and Australia. Lee Jin Wook will play the titular character who is a Navy SEAL officer while Moon Chae Won will play a bubbly, daring and tough woman. The revenge that he takes will lead him to change his identity. Initially when I read that Moon Chae Won is headlining another melo, I wasn’t too excited as the last time I saw her, it was again a revenge-melo aka Nice Guy. But I’m glad that her role sounds different here. (Not to mention, she is fabulous).

Also, I love stories about fake marriages and changing identities to seek revenge — so yeah, I’m signing up for Goodbye Mr. Black. Plus, I like Lee Jin Wook a lot since I saw Three Musketeers. I never thought of this pairing before but now I’m hoping for some great chemistry here. The story seems to have just the right amount of spiciness to make it an entertaining ride.

Song Jae Rim will take up the role of an editor-in-chief of a small publishing company who is an idealistic man believing in the power of people. I’ve only seen the actor in Two Weeks as despite liking him, his follow-up projects didn’t interest me. He did get a lot of fans and popularity with variety show We Got Married.

Goodbye Mr. Black will be following The Village which itself has not premiered yet. So the starting date would be sometime in November. It will be helmed by the PD of Giant, Midas and Birth of a Beauty while the drama is adapted into script by the writer of Can You Hear My Heart and Missing You.