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Revenge melodrama ‘Goodbye Mr. Black’ premieres today


It’s funny the way I’m dropping dramas left and right, especially after saying positive things about them. Case in point — Descendants Of The Sun and Come Back Ajusshi. I liked the premiere week for both with some minor complaints but in the second week, I found myself complaining a lot about the former and found my interest equal to zero to proceed. As for the latter, I was only enjoying the comedy but everything else was meh. Continue reading

Script Reading for ‘Goodbye Mr. Black’ with Lee Jin Wook and Moon Chae Won


Finally we can be assured that Goodbye Mr. Black is actually happening. After having some initial troubles regarding the broadcast, the new revenge melodrama is gaining momentum in its production and the cast attended the script reading a few days back. Continue reading

Yoo In Young and Daniel Henney join ‘Goodbye Mr. Black’

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I really like Yoo In Young. She has been continuously playing strong supporting roles and even if the role is not written well, she adds a lot to make them interesting and stand out. You From Another Star, Mask, Three Musketeers, Oh My Venus and now she has joined revenge melodrama Goodbye Mr. Black — that is especially a good news as the drama was in some trouble a few months back as it could not lock a network for Continue reading

MBC is the new home for ‘Goodbye Mr. Black’


You just want to be a fly in the wall of these network meetings as I wonder why SBS let go Goodbye Mr. Black, as the drama boasts a high-profile cast and juicy premise and it looked sure shot to air it as the follow-up drama to Village: Secret of Achiara. Anyway, after a few weeks of unsureness and apprehensions about the future of the manhwa adapted drama, the show has finally got a new broadcast station as MBC has confirmed to air it in its Wednesday-Thursday slot sometime in early 2016. Continue reading

Moon Chae Won, Lee Jin Wook and Song Jae Rim confirmed for SBS revenge drama ‘Goodbye Mr. Black’


I like this latest drama news! Moon Chae Won and Lee Jin Wook have been confirmed to play main leads in upcoming SBS drama Goodbye Mr. Black which is based on a manhwa that itself is based on the classic story of  The Count of Monte Cristo. The show has also added Song Jae Rim in a supporting role. This will be a revenge melodrama and the story is about a man who gets betrayed by his best friend and thus he plans to take Continue reading