Kim Hye Soo, Lee Je Hoon and Jo Jin Woong to headline tvN thriller ‘Signal’

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Thriller is one of my favorite genres and hence, it’s really surprising that I have seen such a small number of K-dramas coming under it. Many do catch my eye before their launch but due to one reason or the other, I either dropped the drama or the idea of watching it. Heh.

Anyway, the upcoming tvN thriller Signal has again made me excited due to its cast and premise. The show has confirmed quite an A-list cast with Kim Hye Soo, Lee Je Hoon and Jo Jin Woong headlining it. These actors usually do movies and their last small screen works include God of the Workplace (which received fine ratings domestically but didn’t generate much buzz among international fans), Secret Door (which was a disappointment in all respects) and Full Sun (also a flop) respectively. I have seen only Lee Je Hoon previously and that too for a few episodes of Fashion King but that was enough to make me look forward to his other projects. If you are a Korean movie buff, I’m sure you must have seen these actors in many more films that I don’t know about.

Signal is a story about two detectives who are separated by time. Lee Je Hoon plays the present day detective who solves a case with the help of Jo Jin Woong, who plays the detective from the past. They communicate through an old walkie talkie. The premise sounds a lot like Hollywood film Frequency. It is intriguing, mixing fantasy and suspense. Kim Hye Soo will also play another detective of the present. The plot looks promising to provide edge-of-your-seats feels.

Another feather in the cap of this production is the fact that Signal is being helmed by the PD of Misaeng (no need to repeat how awesome it was…LOL). It’s penned by the screenwriter of thrillers Three Days, Ghost and Sign — not too excited on this front as Three Days was really boring for me and I dropped it very soon.

Signal is slated to start next year in January on tvN as a follow-up drama to Answer Me 1988.


8 thoughts on “Kim Hye Soo, Lee Je Hoon and Jo Jin Woong to headline tvN thriller ‘Signal’

  1. Kay

    There really are very few thriller kdramas out there. I can only think of a few that really kept me on the edge of my seat. Like you, the writer of this doesn’t inspire too much confidence in me, as I too dropped Three Days after a couple episodes. I guess we will see!

      1. Kay

        Exactly! It broke my heart to drop it since I wanted to hold on for Park Yoo Chun. Loved everything thing else he has been in, but I just couldn’t do it, lol

  2. Timescout

    The premise sounds intriguing but it all hangs on the execution and script. The cast is great though. As for the writer… I hated the ending of Sign, haven’t seen Three Days yet (it’s still on The List) and loved Ghost all the way through. 😀

    1. snow Post author

      True. It does sound very interesting on paper but the execution and consistency will define how it delivers. Yes…I know you loved Ghost and hence I’ve added in my list 🙂

      1. Timescout

        The first epi of Ghost is kinda ‘meh’, just so you know. 🙂 It really picks up from ep 2 and more or less keeps on going then on. There is a certain amount of suspensing of belief needed regarding some aspects to do with our hero but once you make your peace with that it should be ok.^^

  3. apqaria

    I Love Lee Je Hoon’s acting A LOT ❤
    I hope this is the drama that I actually come to watch for him (I just watched a bunch of his movies), he really needs a good drama in his resume.

    1. snow Post author

      I haven’t seen much of him but did like him in the few eps of Fashion King that I managed to watch…it was very unexpected as I ddin’t know anything about him before that and was expecting to love Yoo Ah


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