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From a story point of view, Descendants Of The Sun may not be something extraordinary. But I do like the central conflict of difference in principles for the leads. And then there is the grand scale on which it is made, so another factor to tune in for. Acting is of course the highlight with not only the main leads of Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo delivering perfectly, the second leads Jin Goo and Kim Ji Won are great as well. It ended last week with the exciting reunion of our leads in the fictional country of Urk. Even though Shi Jin showed a cold shoulder to Mo Yeon, it seems like the good old flirting will be back in episode 3. The hot and cold dynamics will dominate with some added complications related to being in a foreign country and in a tense environment. Somehow Myung Joo also reaches there (how else will the story progress) and there is a slap in store for Dae Young. The show premired with high ratings and it is to be seen if it can continue its winning streak.

Preview for Episode 3

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