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My love for the theme of convenient marriage in fiction is unwavering. I think most of the viewers love them too, judging from the fact that my post on Kdramas and marriage of convenience gets maximum views everyday. Well, there is one more show coming to add in your list — MBC is bringing Marriage Contract (LOL. they went with a straight, clear title lest the viewers did not get the gist of the plot through another, more creative title) in its weekend slot. The drama stars UEE as a single mom who lost her husband in an accident. When she discovers that she has a terminal illness, she seeks out help from a man to be her daughter’s guardian through a contract marriage. That man will be played by Lee Seo Jin, who is a rich businessman. I love everything about it except the fear of getting a sad ending. I hope the drama will have an upbeat tone. I really like UEE, especially since Ho Goo’s Love. Lee Seo Jin is very popular among viewers who watch variety shows and his last drama was Wonderful Days that came in 2014. I also let out a huge sigh of relief when I read that Marriage Contract will only have 16 episodes. You heard it right! This is totally like finding on oasis in a desert full of 50+ weekenders.

Marriage Contract is penned by the writer of You’re The Best Lee Soon Shin and Please Marry Me. The directing is by the PD of Kill Me Heal Me and Scandal. It starts airing this week from March 5.

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