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I loved Ji Sung in Protect The Boss. He has excellent comic timing and it remains the only drama I have seen him in because his following shows didn’t interest me. But upcoming SBS drama Entertainer seems like my cup of tea, except the fact that the plot sounds so much like that snoozefest called She’s So Lovable. I just hope this one is as different from the latter as chalk and cheese. It stars Ji Sung as an agent who was responsible for success of a top idol band. He gets betrayed by the big agency he worked for and now he starts a firm of his own and forms a new band. Currently enjoying huge popularity after Answer Me 1988, Hyeri has been signed on to play the female lead, who is a hardworking girl who aspires to become a singer. The story will show their path to success. Entertainer also stars cutie pie Kang Min Hyuk (Heirs, and of Kpop band CNBLUE) as a band mate with a crush on our heroine and Chae Jung Ahn (Prime Minister And I) as the manager of an agency representing actors. I think even the dynamics resembles She’s So Lovable, but this one looks more upbeat, judging from the recently released teaser. And who doesn’t love a good underdog story.

Entertainer is surely developing at breakneck speed, as it only recently confirmed the cast but already released script reading pictures, a teaser and some drama stills. The show comes from the writer of Pretty Man and Birdie Buddy and the PD of some of my most favourite shows of all time — You’re Beautiful and King Of Dramas. I don’t know about the pairing of Ji Sung and Hyeri and I would have loved to see them paired with the other two leads. But I’m keeping an open mind. I did like Hyeri in Answer Me 1988 but wasn’t enthralled by her. Anyway, Entertainer will follow Come Back Ahjusshi and will occupy the Wednesday-Thursday slot from April 20.