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Entertainer is the new drama for the Wednesday-Thursday slot for SBS and I’m happy that it finally marked the end of my drama hiatus, which was not very long but still it was long enough for me to realise that I haven’t completed any 2016 drama yet! There were some that I tried and dropped and there are some that I’ve kept for a marathon. It’s great to be back on the live watching train. The thing about Entertainer is, despite its flaws, I’m actually liking it. Maybe it also has to do with the future potential of the story.

Entertainer is a story about an agent of a pop group (Ji Sung as Shin Suk Ho) who is uncaring, I’ll-get-my-work-done-whatever-it-takes kind who wants to start his own agency and take his top group with him. Obviously, the huge entertainment company’s CEO is not happy about it and events lead to Suk Ho in prison while his group that he nurtured and made renews its contract with the company. Suk Ho is also burdened with money problems and he doesn’t get any help from anyone. He is miserable but then he listens to a high schooler’s voice through an academy’s anthem (Kang Min Hyuk as Jo Ha Neul) and decides to use his voice to get back in the field. After initial reluctance because of his personal issues, Ha Neul agrees but on one condition — it should be a band. We also meet Ha Neul’s guardian (Hyeri as Jung Geu Rin), who he calls noona but I’m guessing they are not siblings. Their surnames are not same either. Ha Neul lost his brother (who was also a singer) who was friends with Suk Ho but the latter doesn’t know that. Then there is Suk Ho’s good friend Yeo Min Joo (Chae Jung Ahn) who works for another marketing firm.

Although I do like that we have a hero who is cold and uncaring where I don’t have any sympathy with him, I’m not sure who the real him is. Was he serious when he said those words on the stairs to Geu Rin and Ha Neul. Also, everything seemed a lot easier, finding a talent or two and others getting impressed. This condition was awesomely shown in King Of Dramas which cannot be said for Entertainer. Also, the editing is not proper. Scenes look clumsily done and arrive without any finesse. I do like that the show is fast paced and has established its characters well in first two episodes.

I love the dynamics between Suk Ho and Ha Neul. It would be great to see their reluctant, bickering relationship. I’m not so enthralled by Geu Rin but I have no problem either. I do love Min Joo. She is quirky and cute. I’m also looking forward to the forming of the band and the problems they face. I want a good underdog story or a good story of growth and bonding. Performances are really good in Entertainer, be it Ji Sung turning on his charm or Kang Min Hyuk being so good here (he is so cute!). Also, the humour is good.

All in all, I liked it!