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Police Unit 38 is the new crime-comedy drama on OCN. After 2 episodes, I can say that I like it a lot.

The drama started off a bit slow as it tried to build the setting of a man Baek Sung Il (Ma Dong Suk) who works in a tax department. He is very honest and sincere, but he is not very successful in making people pay taxes that they have been cheating on. Sooyoung plays his teammate Chun Sung Hee. We haven’t seen much of her but she also seems like an honest employee but as I said, the team itself fails every time in collecting the tax. The show very nicely depicted the ordinary life of Sung Il — each day it’s the same — like a machine, doing all this for his family. He provides heart to the show and I felt so bad for him when he got conned.

Seo In Guk plays Yang Jung Do. He is fresh out from prison (where he probably went for conning) and he is seeking to con a list of people, under the orders of some inmate he became friends with inside the jail. That inmate is some kind of gangster type person — we are not shown his face and I think he will play an important role in the later part of the series.

The story is finally set when Jung Do proposes a deal where he will help Sung Il in extracting taxes and in return, he won’t be sent to jail. I think the drama could have used some more pace but I never got bored anywhere and spending time on initial background helped in getting clearer picture of our characters.

I loved the slew of cameos — especially Oh Man Suk as Sung Il’s detective friend — he was simply amazing. I hope to see him more in future episodes.

Although Sung Il is such a simple man with a soft heart, it was also delightful to watch Sung Il being so brave — firstly when that rich man was insulting his housemaid and secondly, when he goes to inquire about the mobile number of the person who conned him.

We don’t know much about our hero Jung Do as of now. His father is in jail and doesn’t want to talk to him for some unknown reason. But I’m totally enjoying Seo In Guk in this role, I can see how he can sweet talk a person into believing in his frauds. I can’t wait to see how these two protagonists work together against the society evils and in the process, forming deep bonds and witnessing growth for Jung Do.