Preview for ‘Doctors’ Episode 7


Oh Doctors! I wanted to love you but I just can’t anymore. I mean I don’t dislike it or ready to drop it — there are enough reasons to continue watching. But some of my hopes have been dashed in recent episodes. Kim Rae Won and Park Shin Hye are definitely showing great chemistry with one another and that raised the hope in my mind to witness some swoony romance. But that didn’t mean that our hero Ji Hong had to admit that he is in love with Hye Jung so soon! In fact, he was in love with her all these years. Now that’s problematic. Firstly, it’s wrong — he was her teacher and I could have done with some affection or care but having feeling of love as a man to a woman, well, that’s so wrong. Secondly, it’s so unexciting! It’s so satisfying and delightful to see the gradual building up of attraction and love between two people, but the drama snatched that away from us. I’m not sure what is Hye Jung thinking, but I guess she is going to declare her feelings soon. There goes my hope of seeing them fall in love as adults. I would have liked if Ji Hong felt some struggle to accept his feelings, but, anyway, the writer already made them fall 13 years ago. Meh. I also find the hospital politics very boring, especially Seo Woo’s dad annoys me to no end. I just hope he appears less in forthcoming episodes.

Okay, rant over. LOL. I do like our leads and their interactions. I like that Ji Hong is really smooth and supportive. I love Hye Jung and the way she responds to everyone, especially people who try to blackmail her emotionally. I like that there are so many interlinked characters and just when I thought Ji Soo was in a cameo role, he reappeared! I also like the light tone of the show.

All in all, Doctors is pretty average show with good characters and actors. And yes, chemistry. The preview is out for episode 7 and looks like it is going to be a fun episode filled with light and funny moments.

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7 thoughts on “Preview for ‘Doctors’ Episode 7

  1. Timescout

    Somehow I couldn’t muster any interest in this one and nothing I’ve read about it hasn’t altered that feeling. So, another one I’m not watching. Instead I’m totally hooked on The Mystic Nine, a new c-drama. 🙂

    1. snow Post author

      Haha..I’ve yet to try a c-drama. I’ve seen TW and J-dramas..
      About Doctors…what can I say…it’s not that bad, but then it’s not that good either.
      With so many shows everywhere, I guess it’s a good thing to manage to drop some 😉

      1. Timescout

        I’ve really gone on to explore c-dramas lately and been quite happy with the finds, ha. Oh, they do put out plenty of rubbish too but amongst all that there are some really good ones. ‘Mystic Nine’ is based on a YA adventure book series set in the late 30’s/early 40’s and I found it quite interesting plotwise. The whole thing makes me feel nostalgic. Takes me back to my own youth, when I used to spend hours reading my male cousins’ adventure books while visinting my aunt and uncle (we did that almost every summer). XD It’s also gorgeously filmed and the sets are SO pretty!

        Not really hot on most of the new shows. ‘Bring it on Ghost’ looks promising though, going by the first two episodes. The premise rather fits in with that of the Mystic Nine too.^^

        1. snow Post author

          Not excited for Bring It On Ghost..but I do like what you described about Mystic Nine. I love adventure as a genre..
          Have you seen Nirvana In fire….everyone loved that show…I think it’s also a c-drama

          1. Timescout

            Did you watch Bring it on Ghost? It’s actually better than I thought it would be.

            Mystic Nine is about the 9 grave robbing families of Changsha and their exploits, so it is pretty adventury. The FX is pretty lame on places and acting won’t win any awards in a hurry but that doesn’t take anything away from the story. Here’s one (Eng subbed) trailer… 🙂

          2. Timescout

            Darned, pressed post by accident. 😀

            Yup, I’ve watched about 10 first epis of ‘Nirvana in Fire’ and though I wasn’t anywhere near as taken with it as many others, I still think it’s a pretty well made drama. Another one that looks really grand. I may continue with it one of these days.

          3. snow Post author

            I haven’t watched Bring it on Ghost…but after your comment, I might give it a try.

            Thanks for the trailer…looks interesting! Just the kind of adventure stories I like 🙂

            The love for NIF is insane!! haha…I might just watch it to actually see what made people crazy about it!

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