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I love Seo In Guk and I’m always excited for his new show. I dropped his last Police Unit 38 — not because I didn’t like it but my interest was not strong enough to continue. Next up is a romantic comedy drama for him, titled Shopping King Louis. I’m just wondering if this guy never rests, what with such a small time gap between his two shows! Anyhow, Seo In Guk in a rom-com is such a lovely thing and I can’t wait for this show which sounds simple and something that is done hundreds of times but still is that comfy and sweet experience that we love in a rom-com. Plus, there is Yoon Sang Hyun — another actor that I really like. I’ve seen Nam Ji Hyun, our leading lady, in some episodes of What’s With This Family and found her really cute.

Shopping King Louis is about a rich man from France who loses his memory and then ends up living with a hard-working girl, played by Nam Ji Hyun, who is from country side. The second leads are played by Yoon Sang Hyun (Ms. Temper & Nam Jung Gi) and Im Se Mi (Goodbye Mr Black). I recognise her from You’ve Fallen For Me where she played Park Shin Hye‘s best friend, and Two Weeks, where she played the girl who got murdered.

I love cohabitation dramas and this one can be a source of laughs, feel-goodness and sweetness that is typical in K-dramas of this genre. Just look at those posters, overflowing with pink! The drama is helmed by the PD of Mr. Back, The Woman Who Still Wants to Marry and Lights And Shadows.

Shopping King Louis is the new Wednesday-Thursday drama for MBC following W – Two Worlds and starts this coming week.