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Has this ever happened to you that you want to watch a drama because you loved its title? Well, it’s certainly a first for me. I really liked the name of the new show on KBS — On The Way To The Airport — it sounds very poetic, different, like an incomplete story, and then mix it with the moody, beautiful posters featuring a forest area with the leads — the combination resulted in me deciding to give this show a try. It just premiered yesterday and stars an array of actors for whom I have mixed feelings. I really loved Lee Sang Yoon in Liar Game and Twenty Again, but I have seen leading lady Kim Ha Neul in only her movie My Tutor Friend. She was last seen on small screen in 2012 superhit drama A Gentlemen’s Dignity. I don’t have much of an impression about her. But I like Shin Sung Rok a lot and as I have seen him in negative roles till date or in thrillers, I’m excited to see him doing a dramatic (and hopefully positive) role this time. Then I also like Choi Yeo Jin (Riders: Catch Tomorrow) and Jang Hee Jin gave an impressive performance in Village: Secret of Achiara.

On The Way To The Airport is about relationships and asks a question — whether a married man and married woman can be friends? Kim Ha Neul plays a flight attendant and her husband is played by Shin Sung Rok, who is a pilot. They have a daughter. Lee Sang Yoon plays a lecturer (okay, this is the third drama in a row where he plays a professor/lecturer after Liar Game and Twenty Again) and his wife’s role is taken up by Jang Hee Jin, who is an art curator. Choi Yeo Jin plays another flight attendant who has a good work experience. I wonder how the drama will treat all these relationships and what kind of direction it will take.

The show is directed by the PD of My Beautiful Bride and Emergency Couple and written by the screenwriter of movies like One Fine Spring DayApril Snow and The Sword With No Name. On The Way To The Airport airs on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

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