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There is certain dichotomy about upcoming drama Saimdang, Light’s Diary. On one hand, it is a sageuk and hence my interest nears zero. On the other hand, it marks the return of Lee Young Ae to not only small screen but also to the acting world, and I love it when actors make a comeback after a long hiatus (who doesn’t!). Anyway, the show has been highly buzzed drama since its announcement. Lee Young Ae last appeared in movie Sympathy For Lady Vengeance in 2005 and in drama Dae Jang Geum (a massively popular K-drama across the globe) in 2003. So it’s obvious why everyone is eagerly waiting for this drama. I haven’t seen her in anything but she looks so elegant and graceful! Wow.

Song Seung Heon (When A Man Loves) plays her leading man in Saimdang, Light’s Diary, which is a reimagination of the story of Saimdang, an artist from the Joseon times. Lee Young Ae plays two characters — one is a modern-day woman, a history lecturer and the other is Saimdang, whose history she studies. Song Seung Heon plays a devoted lover to the latter. I’m curious about how the tale will unfold beyond the character descriptions. Good thing that they haven’t revealed much about the plot.

Saimdang, Light’s Diary is helmed by the director of Bride Of The Century and The Legend. It’s penned by the writer of Saving Madame Go Bong Shil and Women Next Door. It premieres tomorrow on SBS, i.e., 26th of January. An odd day to begin but it had to as its preceding show Legend Of The Blue Sea ends today (the schedule got disturbed due to preemption). The drama is 100 percent pre-produced. I so love this new drama trend!


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