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This sounds like Signal if Lee Jae Han would have travelled through time and met Park Hae Young. The upcoming thriller for OCN is Tunnel and it has a fantasy laden premise where a detective from past slips in time while tracking down a serial killer. It also marks Choi Jin Hyuk‘s return to dramaland after his military duty. His last drama was Pride And Prejudice in 2014.

Choi Jin Hyuk plays a homicide detective who is investigating a murder case in 1986. He suddenly travels to 2017 via a tunnel and turns out, that killer has still not been captured. Here in the present time, he partners with a modern day detective, played by Yoon Hyun Min (Falling For Innocence). These two will solve the case together and will have a contrasting approach to their job. I’m liking this premise a lot and OCN is known for giving great procedurals (and dark too!). This one also seems to have some light humour as well. Lee Yoo Young plays a psychology professor who helps the two detectives in their investigation. I like it when a movie actor chooses a small screen drama and Tunnel will be Lee Yoo Young’s first drama as she has been doing films from past few years (Late SpringThe Treacherous).

Tunnel will premiere on 25 March, airing on Saturdays and Sundays