Lee Bo Young and Lee Sang Yoon reunite with legal thriller ‘Whisper’ for SBS

There was a time 2-3 years back when we had a deluge of reunions in dramaland with many actors reuniting and giving fans a dream come true situation. Reunions have been quiet from some time but we are going to see one soon as Lee Bo Young is returning to dramas and acting opposite Lee Sang Yoon — they both starred in superhit weekender My Daughter Seo Young in 2012. I like both the actors a lot and hence, I’m excited for this pair even though I haven’t seen their previous show together. The new drama is titled Whisper and the baton has been passed by husband Ji Sung‘s Defendant as it occupies the Monday-Tuesday slot on SBS from 27 March.

Whisper is a legal thriller show from the team of Punch, the writer has also penned critically acclaimed shows like Empire Of Gold and The Chaser, all dark, political thrillers. So we can expect the same mood and elements here as well. Lee Bo Young plays a detective. Her father gets wrongly accused for a crime and Lee Sang Yoon plays a judge who is righteous but puts one wrong foot when he makes a choice that proves detrimental to her father. She decides to get revenge against everyone who framed her father. The drama will be about our leads fighting against corruption. Supporting cast includes Kim Gab Soo (The K2) as the CEO of a big law firm, Park Se Young (Beautiful Mind) as his spoiled daughter and Kwon Yul (One More Happy Ending) as a star lawyer. Lee Bo Young also reunites with her I Hear Your Voice mom Kim Hae Sook who plays her mother again and Kang Shin Il (Descendants of the Sun) plays her father.

I’m interested in the show because of the leads and solid PD-writer team. Whisper has big shoes to fill as its preceding drama Defendant has garnered huge ratings throughout its run.

4 thoughts on “Lee Bo Young and Lee Sang Yoon reunite with legal thriller ‘Whisper’ for SBS

    1. snow Post author

      I’m glad the post helped! I haven’t seen the writer’s previous works but have heard so many good things about his shows.

  1. Love

    I just watched the first episode and I’m already looking forward to the next one. I haven’t watched a lot of dramas with Sang Yoon so I was really impressed with his character in the first episode.

    I really do hope the drama maintains a good pace until the end. I’m tired of getting disappointed at heavily anticipated shows.

    1. snow Post author

      True. There have been so many shows recently with high expectations and disappointing results.
      You must watch Liar Game..LSY is amazing in it! Also Twenty Again.
      I haven’t started Whisper yet..but good to hear positive words! 🙂


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