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OCN, the home to all thrills and chills, is bringing a new series that follows just completed Duel. It’s titled Save Me (or Rescue Me) and it definitely has a fresh concept as far as Korean thrillers go, where almost every one of them have serial murders as the main theme or the episodic nature (which again has serial-killer-chase as their modus operandi). Save Me bases its plot on a religious cult and its blind following, and is screen adaptation of a webtoon Out Of The World that was published from 2011 to 2013.

Jo Sung Ha (The K2) plays the charismatic leader of above mentioned cult with Jo Jae Yoon (Defendant) and Park Ji Young (The Liar and His Lover) playing his right hand man and woman respectively. The show is set in a small town where more and more people are starting to believe in this religious cult. Seo Ye Ji (Hwarang) stars as a girl whose family also gets entangled with this group. Of course, in reality, the mysterious cult leader doesn’t seem to have any good or pure intentions. Taecyeon (Bring It On, Ghost), Woo Do Hwan (The Man Living in Our House), Lee David (Bring It On, Ghost) and newbie Ha Hwe Jung play four country guys who are unemployed. They will take it upon themselves to save the people around them from the clutches of this religious cult when one day their acquaintance Seo Ye Ji asks them to rescue her. I’m liking the fresh intriguing premise of this thriller with a psychological bent and apart from finding it creepy and mysterious, I’m excited to see how the four simple guys would succeed in their mission without any means or power.

Save Me comes from the PD of movie Running Wild and a new writer. Its premiere date is August 5 in the weekend slot.