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I know I’m very late for posting the recap for Episode 3 but you know I have that age-old (but totally true!) excuse — real life commitments! Without further ado, let’s see what’s in store this hour.


We start off a bit earlier than where we left last week. Dad dreams about lying unconscious in the bathroom, all alone. Hence, his panic state. He comes home and starts threatening mom that she can never leave him. He will never give divorce. Moments later he calms down and tells her about his friend’s death. Does she want him to die alone like that? How will he live alone? He will do whatever she asks. Mom answers that it’s impossible for him to make her feel better as he is clueless about the reason she wants to leave him.

Dad comes back to his angry self and tells her that he is a man who has money. What she can do in this old age. Suffice it to say that he says a lot of insulting words. She shuts him away and on his urging, she starts hitting him. And then Dad grabs her hand and tells her to follow him in the car. She is driving.

Back in Guam (where Roo Ri is working), Tae Yang tells Roo Ri that she has disappointed him. How can she fall for such a loser and that she should work on her punches. She is touched. She tells him that she always lets others win. She is clearly under confident and says doesn’t believe in herself and is incompetent.

Tae Yang takes her to a magic show to cheer her up. After it gets over, he asks her the lesson learned. Of course, she doesn’t realise. He says it means to believe in oneself. “No matter how hard it is, I can pull it off.” And then he drops her at the airport (since she had to quit after that chaotic incident with Myung Tae.)

Roo Ri thinks about the events of past night and thus comes to a resolution that she can’t just go back like this. She goes to Tae Yang’s house and asks him to let her stay at his place for a week till she gets back her job.

He cooks food for her. Later, she mistakenly goes to sleep in his room. Cue some cute and crazy shenanigans. She gets some allergic reaction due to the wine mixed in food. Tae Yang asks her the reason for not going back to Seoul. She replies that she wants to find out who she is. He prepares cucumber juice for her cure.

Dad has brought mom to the old neighbourhood where they used to live a long time back. Theirs was a love marriage and they reminisce old times. He says he always wanted to make her happy.

We meet a new character — who has all signs of being the negative character ready to create chaos — she is Jung Do’s mom. They clearly have an unpleasant history as he asks her to get out of his house. She is shocked to see that he is married.

Yun Joo is packing bags for her Jeju trip with So Won.

Dad sets out for Guam in order to bring Roo Ri back and try to convince Mom to change her mind. He tells So Won to do the same as well while he is gone.

Tae Yang gives a recipe to their main manager that he asked for but he says under one condition. Their conversation is witnessed by Roo Ri’s friend. She teases Roo Ri that she likes Tae Yang which she denies (but admits that he is hot and generous). But the friend tells her that he must like her because he asked the main manager to let her come back to work. She tells Roo Ri to take the first step in the relationship.

The friend arranges a beautiful date for the two. Roo Ri gets all embarrassed and aware by the slightest of touch with Tae Yang. She thanks him for all he has done.

Meanwhile dad is trying to look for Visitor’s Bureau where Roo Ri has lied she works at. By chance, he crosses path with Myung Tae who tells him the truth and to go look for her in the biggest resort. Dad finds out the truth about Roo Ri’s real job and also that she is living at some man’s house.

Mom has dinner with So Won and she admits that old memories of 34 years are making her hesitate. He informs her that Dad has gone to bring Roo Ri back.

Roo Ri and Tae Yang spend some quality time together, both clearly smitten by each other. All this leads to a light kiss.

But Dad reaches there and starts beating Tae Yang. Roo Ri tries to defend herself but Dad says that she always lacked something and has never made him happy. Tae Yang is affected by his harsh words. He says that she is no longer his daughter.


First thing first — the cinematography was gorgeous in this episode! I’m not sure if the crew actually shot the scenes in Guam but it was beautiful. I do think the kiss was just too fast for my taste for the speed of a romance but I can see where it came from. Roo Ri and Tae Yang are both normal characters with easy-going personality and well-meaning at heart. They both started liking each other after spending some time together. I’m sure we are not going to jump on the dating stage yet — we have full 50 episodes! Coming to Dad, he is trying all kinds of tricks, emotional or practical, to make Mom change her mind. He might be missing his past days but he is more worried for his own loneliness than anything else. I’m waiting for him to truly realise where he made mistakes. Can’t wait about how the story unfolds now.