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I was really busy the whole past week as it was festive season and I was enjoying some family time. Hence, a dearth of posts. This also means that I missed blogging about a new drama that premiered last week, well, just two days back to be precise! It’s SBS weekend drama Bravo My Life with the usual episode length of 50-60 episodes, counted as 120 as per the current trend of airing two half hour back to back episodes of a drama. In the case of Bravo My Life, SBS is airing 4 episodes altogether and the show will air only on Saturdays. Onto the plot.

Bravo My Life is a mix of family and workplace drama (a seldom seen combo) set in the backdrop of television industry, in particular drama production. There have been a lot of dramas in the past revolving around such settings — Worlds Within, King Of Dramas, The Producers, to name a few. Yeon Jung Hoon (Man To Man, Mask) stars as a workaholic and arrogant drama PD who is all about dramas, Jung Yoo Mi (of Six Flying Dragons fame, not to be confused with Jung Yoo Mi of Que Sera Sera and many more acclaimed films) plays an assistant director, Hyun Woo (Laurel Tree Tailors) stars as a person who wants to become an actor but due to his stage fright, he has not been able to debut for seven years, Kang Ji Sub (Shopping King Louis) plays an actor, Do Ji Won (Healer) stars as a former star actress, presently married to a rich man, played by Park Sang Min (he looks so different in the light image of the posters, 180 degree from Incarnation Of Money, where I saw him and was amazed by his acting.)

The posters look quite light and fluffy, with one of them featuring the younger cast with literally pink candy floss in their hands, while the other one having the older trio holding a wine glass. Bravo My Life is written by Jung Ji Woo, who has penned shows like Ugly Alert, Gloria and Family’s Honour. In fact, Ugly Alert was previously titled Bravo My Life. Directing is PD Jung Hyo of Stars Falling From the Sky  and Witch’s Castle fame.

The first four episodes clocked in ratings as follows: 7.6%, 7.9%, 8.9% and 8.6% (source). Let’s see how it fares in terms of ratings as well as reviews.