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I had a busy week and hence could not post anything. Anyhow, I’m back with more drama previews! Jugglers is the latest drama to premiere on KBS and it starts on 4 December, wrapping the year’s Monday-Tuesday slot. It is a workplace romantic comedy, which means it is right up my alley. Also, it stars Daniel Choi for whom I have huge fondness. He is back after quite a long time as his last drama was Big Man in 2014. Jugglers is about the dynamics between bosses and secretaries.

Baek Jin Hee (Missing 9) plays a genius secretary who is super efficient in her work, has a supportive and friendly personality. Daniel Choi plays the typical cold boss who has no interest in human interaction. Then we have Kang Hye Jung, who is returning to dramaland after 5 years, as she appeared in The Marriage Plot in 2012 (with a one episode role (Lump In My Life) in drama special show Drama Festival 2014.), as a devoted housewife who returns to work after 15 years and hence, will be naive and kind-hearted. She is secretary to Lee Won Geun (Mystery Queen), who plays a sports business director who is immature and loves to fire his secretaries.

Jugglers sounds fun and the posters are similarly colourful and vibrant. It is helmed by the co-director of Sassy Go, Go and penned by a new writer. The drama looks different as it deals with multiple secretaries instead of one single relationship between boss and his assistant. Thus, it will possibly explore more dimensions than normally done.