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KBS brings horror thriller ‘The Ghost Detective’ this week with Daniel Choi, Park Eun Bin and Lee Ji Ah

I don’t know why the new KBS drama The Ghost Detective seems relatively low buzzed but I’m interested in checking it out. It is a horror thriller with an intriguing premise and I also like the actors a lot, so yes, count me in! Continue reading

‘Jugglers’ is the new office rom-com for KBS

I had a busy week and hence could not post anything. Anyhow, I’m back with more drama previews! Jugglers is the latest drama to premiere on KBS and it starts on 4 December, wrapping the year’s Monday-Tuesday slot. It is a workplace romantic comedy, which means it is right up my alley. Also, it stars Daniel Choi for whom I have huge fondness. He is back after quite a long time as his last drama was Big Man in 2014. Jugglers is about the dynamics between bosses and secretaries. Continue reading

Posters and stills for ‘Big Man’ which is all set to premiere next week


I feel that the buzz around upcoming KBS revenge-melo-thriller Big Man has been faded a bit in the presence of other more anticipated shows round the corner (like You’re All Surrounded, Doctor Stranger, A New Leaf). The reasons might be attributed to number of factors—the generic plot, taking the place of rating-wise flop Full Sun, and a very late Continue reading

Female cast updates for ‘Big Man’ and ‘Doctor Stranger’


Okay, so we have new casting confirmations for upcoming spring dramas Big Man and Doctor Stranger. Let me start with the one which made me really happy and that is the addition of Jung So Min as Daniel Choi‘s younger sister in Big Man. She will be playing the usual rich heiress though that comes with usual characteristics like she always gets what she wants and things done her way. I love her and I’m glad that finally she has signed on a new drama and that too with Kang Ji Hwan. Continue reading

Kang Ji Hwan and Daniel Choi team up for ‘Big Man’

kjh dc

Kang Ji Hwan is one of my favorite actors. I have loved him since I first encountered his awesomeness in Coffee House where he simply nailed the role of an eccentric writer, adding so much quirkiness to it. Then he brought hearts and smarts to his part in Incarnation Of Money and added another winning performance Continue reading