‘Because This Life Is Our First’ OST: In love with it!

I’m pretty late to the party of last year’s Because This Life Is Our First lovers but better late than never! I completely loved the drama except some last minute hiccups. Among the oodles of reasons for the adoration, the soundtrack of the show is a prime highlight. It is very soothing, soft, low-key and yet very strong. Not only on the main central couple, but the songs are played on the other two secondary couples as well, who also are an important part of the story and its meaning. So here is the list of songs that are continuously on loop since I completed the show:

This Life by Moon Sung Nam of Every Single Day

My favourite song of the bunch! It is so emotional right from the start to the end point. It touches the deepest corners of the heart with its tune and vocals. The song is played throughout the many emotional, poignant scenes of the drama. You need to listen to it in a quiet place to really let it enchant you with its magic.

Everyday by Hae Bin of Gugudan

A lovely sweet song, full of sweetness of love and being happy when in love. The track definitely gives you all rainbows and unicorns. It says about all the gestures and reactions when someone is in love and the other person is your everything. One can think of nothing but his or her lover.

Shelter by Song Hee Jin feat. Lee Yo Han (OFA)

A beautiful duet! The song talks about being a shelter to someone and giving your warmth. It is one of the rare duet songs, at least I have not heard many in dramaland as mostly we see male or female only songs. I simply love how softly and gently it starts with Hee Jin and then both sing the further lines together in one sync.

Star Figure by Uji

This song instantly brings smile, sunlight and all positive vibes. It is played in the drama whenever a new zeal comes for our protagonists. Especially the lalalalala is a booster.

Marriage by MoonMoon

A drama about marriage of convenience is incomplete without a song on the theme. This song talks about being in a marriage but feeling lonely due to lack of love between the partners. It says about the contrast between what spouses normally do and the protagonists’ marriage. A deep emotional song.

Can’t Go by Ben

This one is more like the typical love ballad found in numerous OSTs of numerous dramas. But that does not make it less good. It’s soft, melodious and perfect for depiction of the hero or heroine’s feelings.

(Credit to respective uploaders for all songs on Youtube)


8 thoughts on “‘Because This Life Is Our First’ OST: In love with it!

  1. mindypajor

    “Marriage” is probably my favorite but I honestly love every song on this OST—which is super rare for me! I also feel that lots of the lyrics fit the drama so well. I believe “Shelter” played at the end of the second episode after Ji-ho walks all the way to Se-hee’s with no where else to go and I remember being viscerally affected by how perfect the lyrics went with that moment.

    “Marriage” just makes me so emotional whenever I listen to it, especially the live version performed by MoonMoon (look it up if you haven’t!). It’s a perfect(ly heartbreaking) representation of Se-hee at the beginning of the show.

    And of course “Star Figure” just makes me ridiculously happy and “Can’t Go” makes me think of that kiss… ooooohhhh…

    1. snow Post author

      Yes yes and yes to everything you described so beautiful for the songs!
      I really love this thing about kdramas that the moment we listen a particular song, instantly the memory of a scene or relationship from the show comes to our minds 🙂

      Oh I have not checked out the live version of Marriage…thanks for the info!

    1. snow Post author

      It’s great that you like it too! Usually there are only limited no of songs that I like from a drama but this one is full of lovely tracks across the board!


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