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Try as I might, I don’t think I can watch all of last year’s dramas that I had planned to finish before the Year End Review post. Hence, I decided to write about shows (in all 3) that I did manage to complete in 2017. I know the number is too small but last year was quite eventful in terms of real life things. I really want to watch many, many dramas this year. Fingers crossed!

Among the shows that I watched, I have given grade to each drama which shows how much I loved that drama. A+ gets most love, then A, A-, B+,B, B- and so on.

Dramas that I watched

In alphabetical order


Expectations were sky high for the second season of fantastic Age Of Youth and the former didn’t disappoint at all. It was in fact a wonderful journey from start to finish, introducing some new characters with distinct and interesting personality of their own. New actor in the role of Eun Jae was one of the few apprehensions we had, but the end product dashed all of those and proved to be relatable, thoughtful, poignant and heartwarming. Friendship of our girls was awesome, and all individual storylines were great as well. Music was amazing and the drama left enough threads to give way to a third season. I will be surely waiting for it with bells on!

Grade: A+


Such a heartfelt show on marriage of convenience with two eccentric characters coming together in making this show one of best romantic dramas ever. We also get two more couples and these three pairs show us various shades of love and relationship. Music was a big plus, as was the low-key, smooth execution, a lovely heroine who is honest about her feelings, hero who is so caring and understanding, female friendship and characters written with so much depth. I loved Ji Ho and her relationship with her mom. Lee Min Ki and Jung So Min have charming chemistry. My only disappointment — the confusion and unnecessary separation in last few episodes. Otherwise, a beautiful show!

Grade: A


Goblin seems too old if we talk about its air date (2016 but continued till 2017) but it sounds new as it remained a much talked about and buzzed show throughout last year. My main draw from the drama was the laugh out loud humour, bromance between Gong Yoo and Lee Jin Wook and the love story between the reaper and Sunny. The main romance failed to impress on multiple levels and the female lead characterization was dull and prosaic. The scale is grand and epic, with fantasy elements following rules upto an extent. Episodes are very long and flashbacks taking up lots of screen time. All in all, a fun-filled drama that would have been better off with smaller length and interesting heroine and central romance.

Grade: B+

2017 Dramas that I’m planning to check out ASAP

Circle, Mystery Queen, Tunnel, Fight My Way, Suspicious Partners, The Package, While You Were Sleeping, School 2017, Girls’ Generation 1979, Jugglers, Chief Kim, The Best Hit, 20th Century Boy and Girl, Radiant Office, I’m Not a Robot, Defendant, The Liar and His Lover, Avengers Social Club, Smart Prison Living, Chicago Typewriter, Forest Of Secrets, Live Up to Your Name, Save Me and Black.

Phew. I know that’s a loooong list but I’m excited to watch these for various reasons — plot, actors, buzz, word of mouth (or pen in this case), network, on-hold dramas — to name a few.

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