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Hearts in my eyes!

I LOVED Lee Min Ki and Jung So Min in Because This Life Is Our First — their chemistry was just off the charts. And hence, my happy dance on hearing that the duo will be making a guest appearance on currently airing hit Korean drama What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim (or Why Secretary Kim), the ratings for which just keep on increasing week after week. I have only seen episode 1 till now (Hello! Real Life!) but I liked what I saw. The connection of the two actors comes from the fact that the PD of What’s Wrong With Secretary KimPark Jun Hwa,  also directed Because This Life Is Our First. Their roles are yet not known but that helps in maintaining the surprise element. I cannot wait for seeing the cuties together once again!

What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim airs on tvN every Wednesday and Thursday and stars Park Seo Joon and Park Min Young (in case you were living under a rock ~kidding~)