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The first thing that one notices on starting new tvN drama Mr. Sunshine is its gorgeousness. The show is beautifully shot, each frame looks like a painting (think about the period portions of Goblin; only here the whole drama is washed with that loveliness.) The new show from star writer Kim Eun Sook with a cast of top names is also simultaneously airing on Netflix and I’m glad it has only one moniker unlike so many of its peers with multiple names.

The plot and scale are definitely epic. The show starts with tragic backstory of our protagonist, as is the case with most of the sageuks (meaning, period TV shows or films). I didn’t really connect with the hero Choi Eugene (Lee Byung Hun) in his adult form but did care for his child counterpart. I think I will need more time to make an impression about him. On the other hand, I love the heroine Go Ae Shin (Kim Tae Ri) — she is feisty, intelligent and flawed as she also has some pride in her. I liked the whole scenario about how they met. I love the trademark style of the writer to inject humour in between (which has always been my favorite thing about her dramas.) I also enjoyed Ae Shin’s training to be a fighter and her relationship with mentor Seung Gu. Also, the fact that her grandpa helped her in fulfilling her goals after initial resistance.

Mr. Sunshine has many characters which are yet to fully come into picture. We also meet Yoo Yeon Seok‘s rebel character Goo Dong Mae and Kim Min Jung‘s hotel owner character Hina — out of which I loved the latter’s arc and introduction a lot. She looks like a ‘beauty with brains and guts’ kind of woman. We only got a glimpse of Byun Yo Han ~sigh~ Hope to see more of him in coming episodes.

There is also a strong guest appearance by Jin Goo and Kim Jae Won, surely a treat for all Descendants Of The Sun fans. I do feel that the episodes can be a bit shorter (as is the case with almost all tvN dramas!)

Brilliant cinematography, fine actors, epic vibes, good plot — all factors finally make a positive first impression for Mr. Sunshine.