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I’m definitely getting vibes of IRIS, Athena and Fugitive Plan B from upcoming drama Prometheus, what with the genre of spy thriller, big budget, top stars and North-South relationship. Despite the mixed results of shows of the genre (main complaint: all style and no substance but I want to remain positive!), this kind of category always makes me excited and since we have confirmed leads in the form of Ha Ji Won and Jin Goo, count me in for sure! Ha Ji Won was fantastic in The King 2 Hearts where she brilliantly portrayed her action packed role. And Jin Goo is always a delight to watch.

Prometheus has one of the most talked about current affairs in its setting — North Korean denuclearization. A team of North Korean scientists related to this mission goes missing and Ha Ji Won plays an NIS agent from South Korea who is assigned this case to find them. Jin Goo plays a former North Korean officer who now lives in the South working as a day labourer after an incident took place while he was posted in Russia. This role was previously courting Joo Ji Hoon (Goong).

Prometheus is yet to confirm its network and it is slated to air by the end of 2018. Jin Goo was recently seen in a cameo in Mr. Sunshine with last main drama role in Untouchable which largely remained under the radar. Ha Ji Won last appeared in Hospital Ship and is currently doing variety show Galileo where the cast members explore the life on Mars.