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The upcoming Korean drama Hide And Seek surely looks very intense judging from its posters. Since it is going to be a weekender as well as a melodrama, it is apt because we can expect larger than life plot and characterization. The show stars actors who have a successful filmography in terms of weekend dramas — Lee Yoo Ri (Come! Jang Bo Ri , Father Is Strange) and Song Chang Ui (Make a Woman Cry, Thrice Married Woman). She plays an executive director of a cosmetics company and he plays the secretary of another company called Taesan Group. The show will tell about an heiress and another woman who had to live that life in her stead. Well, it looks like swapped fate to me. I can only guess as I could not find a proper clear description anywhere. It’s good in a sense that the viewers will be surprised when they will actually watch the drama without knowing much in advance. I’m assuming lots of secrets, betrayals and desires! 

Hide And Seek also stars Uhm Hyun Kyung (Defendant) as a cute employee of the cosmetics company and Kim Young Min (My Ajusshi) as a playboy and heir of aforementioned Taesan Group. Writing is from the screenwriter of Two Women’s Room and directing is from the PD of Cross and Tunnel. Hide And Seek starts tomorrow on MBC. I’m really impressed by the posters which have a dark mysterious aura to them.