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News Bites: Korean Dramas — 27 June 2020

I think the latest news is chock full of script readings! Which also gives me an opportunity to talk about shows that I missed posting when their casting was announced. News Bites is a segment where latest news of Korean Dramas will be discussed at a common place. So let’s dive into the latest tidbits of dramaland! Continue reading

MBC premieres soul switching comedy ‘Spring Turns to Spring’ this week

Soul switching is nothing new in dramaland themes and we have one more new show to join the list of Secret Garden, Please Come Back Ajhussi, and the recent one, Room No. 9 — Spring Turns to Spring premiered this Wednesday on MBC and it stars Lee Yoo Ri (Father Is Strange) and Uhm Ji Won (Falsify) in the lead roles of women whose souls are swapped. The former Continue reading

Melodrama ‘Hide And Seek’ is the new weekend drama on MBC

The upcoming Korean drama Hide And Seek surely looks very intense judging from its posters. Since it is going to be a weekender as well as a melodrama, it is apt because we can expect larger than life plot and characterization. The show stars actors who have a successful Continue reading

‘Father Is Strange’ is the new weekend drama on KBS


The newest weekend drama on KBS looks great for a feel-good family drama with lots of characters and cocktail of the genres..family, romance, comedy and drama. The title is Father is Strange (or Father Is Weird). The show is about a family of three daughters and a son and how their life changes when a top star comes to live with them. Continue reading

Daily drama ‘Heaven’s Promise’ starts tomorrow


Wow. This one looks like pure makjang! The newest daily drama on KBS is Heaven’s Promise and it is a revenge saga about a woman who takes up the identity of her sister. It stars Lee Yoo Ri (Jang Bo Ri is Here!) in a double role as she plays twin sisters where one of them, Na Yeon, is dating a guy (played by Seo Joon Young of Super Daddy Yeol fame) who is from poor background. But the latter breaks up his relationship Continue reading