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I’ve always loved Soo Ae‘s acting, though I skipped her last small screen project, the rom-com The Man Living in Our House. Now she is back with a film titled High Society alongside movie actor Park Hae Il (The Last Princess, War of the Arrows) and Lee Jin Wook (Goodbye Mr. Black). I know it’s gonna be a bit confusing as we already have a 2015 SBS drama starring UEE, Sung Joon, Im Ji Yeon and Park Hyung Shik. The movie High Society is a drama film about a married couple who wants to enter that elite group of the rich, famous and hottest people, aka the high society.

Park Hae Il plays the husband, a university professor who aspires to enter politics while Soo Ae plays the wife, an art gallery curator who wants to be the director of the prestigious gallery. Lee Jin Wook stars as a painter, and finally, Yoon Je Moon (The King 2 Hearts) rounds out the cast as a powerful businessman.

High Society releases on 29th August. It looks like a stylish, dark take on the subject and surely looks intriguing.