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If mixed in right proportions, the multiple ingredients of a creature feature or a monster movie can form a great recipe for the viewers. Some of those constituents being thrills, scares, bonding of protagonists against the antagonistic creature, determination and courage after the initial shock to defeat the evil. Korean movie Monstrum is an upcoming film starring acting power house Kim Myung Min, Kpop group Girl’s Day‘s Hyeri, Choi Woo Shik and Kim In Kwon.

The film is set in the Joseon era when the region was suffering from an epidemic outbreak. Rumors spread that a deadly creature called Monstrum is roaming around the country. Kim Myung Min plays a military official who heads the team to fight against it. Hyeri (who plays his daughter who is deft in archery and medicine), Choi Woo Shik and Kim In Kwon form other members of his team.

I loved Kim Myung Min in King Of Dramas, his last drama being this year’s The Miracle We Met. He is one of those Korean actors who maintain a perfect balance between films and TV dramas. I found Hyeri quite good in Answer Me 1988 but still need to see more of her to form an opinion. Choi Woo Shik was wonderful in Ho Goo’s Love but seems to be doing more movies than dramas. Many of you (including myself) may recognize Kim In Kwon as Go Mi Nam’s funny and sweet manager from You’re Beautiful, another actor with more films than small screen projects.

Monstrum is directed by Huh Jong Ho of The Advocate: A Missing Body (2015) and Countdown (2011) fame. It hits the theaters on September 13.