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Hundred Million Stars From the Sky or The Smile Has Left Your Eyes is in its third week but I recently finished the first two episodes of this intriguing drama that stars Seo In Guk (totally killing it in this role!), Jung So Min and Park Sung Woong in the lead roles and is a Korean adaptation of immensely popular 2002 Japanese drama called Sora Kara Furu Ichioku no Hoshi. I have not seen the original, hence there is nothing to compare and I guess that’s a good thing for me. Plus, this type of drama requires suspense and I’m happy to be curious, spooked and thrilled in this ride.

The plot so far is about an enigmatic guy called Kim Moo Young (Seo In Guk), and two siblings, Yoo Jin Kook (Park Sung Woong), who is a detective and Yoo Jin Kang (Jung So Min), who works at a design company. The two cross path with Moo Young again and again, coincidentally or perhaps deliberately, and feel that they have seen him before. We also see how Moo Young charms a rich girl called Baek Seung Ah and starts dating her. And yes, there is a murder too.

One gets a perpetual ominous and creepy feeling while watching this show. And surely it comes from Moo Young who has a big question mark written over him. We don’t know what is going on in his mind. Sometimes he looks manipulative but then sometimes it feels he is more honest than most people. I’m sure there is some disturbing past binding Moo Young with the Yoo siblings. Seo In Guk is perfectly cast as he brings that balance between dark and charming, capturing the grey area and being a mystery. I loved how he got affected by the fact that Jin Kang remains unaffected by him; but of course, she is curious about him, if only a bit and only she knows about that. I’m not sure why he is lying to Seung Ah, is it simply fun, or a study or something more sinister?  And is he the killer? That photo at the end of episode 2 was so, so creepy!

I also liked that for a change, we don’t have that perfect or elite detective in the form of Jin Kook. For some reason, he is seen as someone with less abilities in his department. But I think he is capable and it will be interesting to see how he tracks the murder case and brings light to his skills and make use of his talent. His relationship with fellow colleague Tak So Jung (Jang Young Nam) is also a delight, so candid and natural. The show has a moody vibe and there is no dull and unnecessary moment here. It feels as if every minute thing has a significance.

All in all, I’m intrigued by Hundred Million Stars From the Sky and can’t wait to watch what it brings next! And yes, so many questions! Time to take out that magnifying glass to deduce my own conclusions.