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Zombie horror films have a huge fan following around the world, with some also being comedies. I won’t count myself a fan but then I have seen only one film from the genre and I did like it. LOL. I just think they will be too gory for me. Anyhow, Korean movie Rampant is a period zombie film and I think the historical setting gives it an added freshness factor.

Touted as a pure entertainer, the movie stars Hyun Bin (Secret Garden) as Joseon Prince who had been taken as hostage to Qing Dynasty. Kim Kang Woo (God’s Gift 14 Days) plays his elder brother who brings him back after more than 10 years. Now the prince has to fight against the night demons, the zombies, who have brought chaos and mayhem to the Joseon nation. The movie also stars Jang Dong Gun (Suits) as the minister of war who tries to take advantage of these difficult times to overthrow the royal family. Lee Sun Bin (Sketch) plays a woman who helps in fighting against the dangerous creatures.

Zombie film Train To Busan, which starred Gong Yoo and Ma Dong Suk, was a massive blockbuster at the South Korean box office in 2016. Let’s see how Rampant performs. It releases on 25 October and is directed by Kim Sung Hoon who has films like A Wonderful Moment and Confidential Assignment under his belt.